Sunday 26 June 2022
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Gadkari earns Rs 4 lakh per month worth royalty from YouTube

Viewership of his videos on YouTube has increased during the pandemic period, Gadkari said, reviewing the progress of the DME in Bharuch

The coronavirus-induced lockdown might not have helped many, but Union Minister Nitin Gadkari is not one of them as he has found new avenues for earning more money and channelling his creativity. Gadkari today said that YouTube paid him Rs 4 lakh every month as royalty, as viewership of his lecture videos posted on the platform has increased during the pandemic.

While reviewing the progress of the -Mumbai Expressway (DME) in Bharuch, Gadkari said his ministry had started rating road construction contractors and consultants.

During Covid-19 times, the road transport and highways minister said he did two things.

“I became a chef and started cooking at home and giving lectures through conference. I delivered more than 950 lectures online, including lectures to foreign universities students, which were uploaded on YouTube.

“Viewership of my YouTube increased and YouTube now pays me Rs 4 lakh per month as royalty,” he said.

Gadkari, who is known for his frank views, said that in India, those who do good work, don’t get appreciation.

The union minister for road transport and highways said that India’s first electric highway was likely to come up between and Jaipur soon. Gadkari said that his ministry was already in talks with a foreign company to construct the highway between these two cities.

Besides the -Jaipur stretch, talks are on also with a Swedish firm for an electric highway stretch on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway.

Gadkari has urged foreign investment in the highways sector and had earlier invited the EU to build an electric highway in the country. He said that 22 green expressways were on the anvil and work has already started on seven of them.

“It is my dream to build an electric highway from to Jaipur. It is still a proposed project. We are in discussion with a foreign company,” Gadkari said. Gadkari also said he aims to bring an end to the use of and and transform public transports like buses and trucks into electric vehicles soon.

Earlier, Nitin Gadkari reviewed the progress of the -Mumbai Expressway, which is expected to reduce the time taken to travel between the two cities by road by half from nearly 24 hours. He also announced that the distance between Jaipur and Delhi will soon be completed in just two hours.

According to the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), the travel time between and Jaipur will be reduced by March next year. By then, NHAI hopes that the Sohna elevated road, currently under construction, and the Sohna-Dausa stretch of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway will be completed and be signal-free for commute.

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