Sunday 23 January 2022
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French city labelled ‘Islamist’ by RN to demotivate radicals

'The label is used to denounce the Islamist influence in French cities like Creil where Islamic businesses, including an Islamist halal bank, are thriving'

“If that’s their only argument, it only begets contempt,” says Sophie Lehner, the city’s first deputy. The Rassemblement National (RN in French acronym, National Rally, until June 2018 known as the National Front, founded by Marine Le Pen) is usually not quite present in the northern French city of Creil, a commune in the Oise department. There is a fairly loyal electorate there despite the lack of a real establishment of the right-wing party.

On 8 January, Audrey Havez, the councillor of Hauts de France and departmental delegate of the federation of Oise, accompanied by Aleksandar Nikolic, the president of “Jeunes avec Marine” (Young people with Marine), and Philippe Ballard, porter. word of the National Rally, Alexandre Sabatou, the co-founder of the French Future, was in the city. They symbolically attributed the “Islamist cities and villages label” to the city of Creil.

“This label is used to denounce the Islamist influence in certain towns such as Creil where Islamic businesses are multiplying, including an Islamist halal bank,” explains Audrey Havez. The group recalls the old episode in the history of the veil of the Gabriel-Havez college, where the “Islamic headscarf case” was reported in 1989.

French secularism

The over the Islamic scarf (hijab) had sparked off on 18 September 1989, when three female students were suspended for refusing to remove their scarves in class at Gabriel Havez Middle School in Creil. In Franch secularism, brandishing of a marker of any religion is strictly prohibited.

Even a Christian in this Christian-majority country is not allowed to let a cross dangle outside the shirt or top in public places like schools, government-run universities and public sector offices. Sikhs are likewise not allowed to sport their turban, Hindus cannot mark their foreheads with sandalwood paste, etc.

Thirty years later, 65% of Muslim high school students believe that the laws of the Qur’an should prevail over the laws of the republic

Audrey Havez, adviser to the National Rally

“Thirty years later, 65% of Muslim high school students consider that the laws of the Koran must be imposed on the laws of the Republic with consequences like homophobia, lack of women’s freedom, anti-Semitism, the right to take action against blasphemy…,” says Havez, adding, “These rules written in a book 1,400 years ago should not supplement French republican laws and values ​​by locking Muslims into other references that govern their lives.” Frontist militants then “handed” to the city a panel strongly inspired by that of the cities in bloom.

Contempt for Marine Le Pen

But the woke have existed in French society since a time the Americans had not yet coined the term. They hate Marion Anne Perrine “Marine” Le Pen. “Everything in the exaggeration, the approximation, even the historical distortion… If Creil obtains a label, it is that of living together. With all due respect to Marine Le Pen, the RN is so inexistent in our territory that it seeks to create a buzz in order to exist. It only deserves indifference. These people do not know anything about our beautiful city and its inhabitants ”, affirms Sophie Lehner, first assistant.

Jean-Claude Villemain, the mayor, wanted to react too. “The ‘we’ employee is anonymous, which shows the (lack of) courage of its authors, their ignorance of the life of our city and the richness of the hearts of its inhabitants,” he said.

Translated from French from the of Oise Hebdo by Surajit Dasgupta

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