Saturday 10 December 2022
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France braves Islamic assertion like hijab ‘movement’ in India as Muslim TikTok users target school children

Minister of Education Pap Ndiaye promises strong measures to counter the Islamist campaign, urging social media to censor religious propaganda in secular France

In a recent development analogous to the Muslim insistence on their girls wearing hijab to schools, some 313 attacks on secularism were reported during in France, says an article in ObservAlgerie. In the era of social networks, Islamism, instead of fading, continues its offensive and is gaining more and more ground in France, the piece observes. This is at least what emerges from a note from Territorial Intelligence widely relayed by the French press. A note which is not without adding oil to the already ardent fire of anti-immigration.

The report by the Territorial Intelligence, which issues these findings on a monthly basis, will be published with full details in November by the National Education, but what has come out so far is worrisome enough. The words used by the Territorial Intelligence of France, in the note revealed by the newspaper L’Opinion, are likely to worry authorities in France.

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The source speaks of an increasing assertion of their Islamic identity by Muslims which, according to Territorial Intelligence of France, is targeting school children. Engines that give impetus to this phenomenon are social networks like TikTok. Minister of Education in France Pap Ndiaye had promised strong measures to counter this rise in fundamentalism while highlighting the responsibility of social networks. He had declared on 13 in the columns of the newspaper Le Monde that France was “stronger than TikTok”.

According to the information cited by L’Opinion and taken up by many French and foreign media outlets, Islamisation is not about to diminish. The campaign targeting schools would only be the most tangible manifestation of this.

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The pressure, according to Territorial Intelligence, “is also exerted on another ground: the public space”. According to them, “the most concrete sign of this increased presence of a rigorous Islam is the fact that women, especially very young women, wear strict religious dress in the city centres of Paris, Toulouse and even Marseille.”

“A phenomenon which is observed in metropolises as in medium-sized towns, but which, until recently, was concentrated exclusively in neighbourhoods with a high immigrant population”, the said authority notes.

Gravel, the head of the Inter-Ministerial Committee for the Prevention of Delinquency and Radicalization (CIPDR), confides in L’Opinion in these terms: “This visibility of religious clothing is evident everywhere. In the street as in swimming pools with the burkini, sport with the phenomenon of “hijabeuses” or even at university”.

And to add, “these manifestations of identity reflect a desire to mark the space. A that has never ceased since the Creil scarf affair in 1989”.

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