Thursday 26 May 2022
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Founding member’s letter complaining of lack of internal democracy exposes AAP again

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A few hours ago, this correspondent accessed yet another mail of a founder member of the Aam Aadmi Party, meant to be circulated among the organisation’s present members, which projects the condition of internal democracy in poor light.

सिर्फ़ News is reproducing the letter almost verbatim and not removing the mail writer’s mobile number for the sake of a sceptic’s scrutiny. Some paragraphs written wholly in the upper case have been subjected to standardisation for better legibility. Honorifics have been removed, too. No grammatical correction — other than correction of odd punctuation marks — has been carried out. Some orthographic corrections had to be carried out to make it comprehensible to the reader. The phraseology adds to the authenticity of the mail, as the party concerned is associated with substandard linguistic skills.

Nevertheless, the letter is credible because of its contents that vouch for the allegations every former member of the party has made.

“Dear Members,

Many of us, i.e. either the residents of Delhi and its nearby areas or the residents of other Indian states including some foreigners, after being part of Anna Andolan and India against Corruption at our respective places joined the great mission of Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party in September 2012.

Great people of Delhi state who were badly effected (sic)/demoralized by corruption & miss-governance (sic) based mess of congress (sic) government supported AAP like any thing (sic). For the first time, in India, AAP leadership took a bold decision to seek the opinion of Delhi state voters for formation of government with support of congress (sic).

Getting influenced by the first ever credible and pro-people approach of AAP, poor, honest and gentle lot (sic) of Indians got enthusiastic and was attracted towards the great mission of AAP. A common man of the said category had decided to be a permanent sympathizer of party but at the same time a flood of opportunists including habitual dissidents also came out for an early benefit within political fields. Within few months, it was observed that same lot (sic) of opportunists was also active within central leadership of party and ultimately, like minded opportunists of both fields came close to each other for expected and immediate gains without caring the credibility of cause.

What happened later on is well known to all of you. A big mistake was committed by the AAP leadership i.e. to not seek the opinion of voters before deciding for resignation.

In a hasty and hotchpotch manner, AAP leadership decided to participate in Lok Sabha elections with more than 400 candidates without caring party’s organizational ground set-up (sic). Star campaigners of party like Kumar Vishwas, Yogender Yadav, Shazia Ilmi and Prof (Anand) Kumar instead of campaigning for the candidates, preferred to jump in fray (sic). Kejriwal’s decision of contesting from Varanasi also not appreciated by the majority of countrymen as almost Indians had decided to replace congress (sic) at all costs and as per them, fight was to be focused against ruling congress (sic). Being true well wishers of mission, we all remained mum over the said developments in the best interest of party (sic).

Lot of grievances (sic) were noticed from the country wide party well-wishers (sic) regarding para-shoot (sic) dropping of Lok Sabha election candidates at different places. Same was the case in our Jammu & Kashmir state too where out of 6 only 3 candidates were finalized i.e. 2 from Kashmir and 1 from Jammu. One Tanveer Dar of Anantnag (Kashmir), who happened to be resident of capital Delhi since (sic) last 16 years, was declared as candidate for Anantnag seat and, similarly, one activist Muzaffar Bhat of Budgam, Srinagar, was allotted the Srinagar seat against Farooq Abdullah, the father of sitting Chief Minister Omar Abdullah. Undersigned (sic) despite a request to the leadership for a healthy assistance was not asked about the worth of candidates. Jammu seat candidate HL Bhagat was declared while neglecting the request from one retired college professor Saini.

Dar and Bhat secured approximately 2,000 and 4, 000 votes respectively whereas Bhagat had willingly chosen an escape route by not reaching at election office for nomination well in time on the last day of nomination process.

Immediately after the election results, in order to address an unwanted unrest within the party, party’s national executive meeting was convened at (sic) New Delhi where Kejriwal boldly except the mistakes of past. During the press conference on the conclusion of meeting, Kejriwal repeatedly announced the re-organisation of party units at all levels but at the same time a long list of 25 invitee members of national executive was announced by Prashant Bhushan without any pre-information (sic) or agenda. It was actually almost a gift scheme by the selfish clout of so-called leaders of AAP around Kejriwal for their chaaploos (toady) lot, nothing else.

To us, names of four winning Lok Sabha candidates from Punjab were OK, famous faces of party who had got more than 1.5 lakh votes is (sic) also acceptable, but rest of invitees including 3 from Jammu & Kashmir [2 defeated candidates from Kashmir and 1 newly entered local leader of a so-called merging party 3 months ago (sic)].

We feel stun (sic) to observe the nomination of 3 invitee members of national executive from Jammu & Kashmir where no state, district or block level committee exits (sic). Frankly saying, it is an outcome of merely chaaploosi (sycophancy) of few central leaders who often pose themselves (sic) as party’s great sympathizers.

After getting an appointment for 13 June 2014, we met Kejriwal and Pankaj Gupta and apprised them i.e. if (sic) party high level tags will be fixed to the non performers then who will work on ground? Kejriwal, without a delay of one second, said, “It is wrong,” and we are going to scrap all such committees. On the other hand, Gupta tried his best to justify the action of leadership but assured for (sic) an early consideration over the issue but till date nothing is revealed. We also apprised them (sic) verbally as well as in writing that no body (sic) from our deputation is greedy of posts but will certainly insist for fair and meaningful working of party.

During the meeting, Kejriwal insisted for (sic) nominating booth level committees in Jammu & Kashmir. Now is it possible to constitute such committee (sic) without any state or district committee?  Central leaders sponsored (?) newly nominated national executive invitee members of the State are conveying about (sic) the non-participation of party in state assembly elections scheduled in October 2014 and on the other have started misleading the cadre while making lists of expected candidates (sic).

Recently written letter from worthy (sic) founder member of West Bengal also revealed the vital issues related to the casual working of central leadership. Manish Sisodia was contacted by the undersigned during his recent visit to Punjab for a meeting at Gurdaspur nearest (sic) district to our state but he refused to fix the appointment while saying this that (sic) he will (sic) meet during his Jammu & Kashmir visit. Sisodia even not bothered (sic) to talk on mobile with undersigned (sic) for a moment despite having very cordial relationship.

Yogendra Yadav during his speech at last (sic) national council meeting with an argument i.e. (sic) “All of NCMs have to act like covered heavy stones of AAP’s foundation where a building in shape of beautiful India will be shaped (?)” whereas on the other hand (sic) while replying to one of Jammu & Kashmir-based AAP activists he said that recently announced 25 members team as invitee members of national executive is (sic) temporary and will be dissolved soon. Question arises before a dedicated AAP activist that for how long AAP leadership rely (sic) on temporary arrangement? And why inappropriate actions are being taken?

No body (sic) is there as on date in central party office for any day to day correspondent (sic) which is embarrassing (?) for all of us. Kejriwal even after losing a lot has to face the worst as on date (?). Prof Ajit Jha was made organizational in charge (sic) of few (sic) states including Jammu & Kashmir during (sic) beginning of year 2012 but he is no more in charge of any such affair as on date, which is also sufficient to observe the influence of an active clout of selfish leaders at central level (sic). Who assigns the duties and who withdraws the same, no body (sic) knows.

As on today, crores of Indians including we people (sic) are feeling ditched and fed-up with the prevailing demoralised status of AAP and for the existing unfortunate situation, merely incompetence, selfishness & arrogance of few prominent and influential so-called top level leaders of party are responsible (sic). To me, time has come where a manthan (brainstorming) within the loyal lot of party well-wishers is must (sic) as everyone of us had/has a sincere attachment towards (sic) the party and has put lot (sic) of efforts since (sic) last 2 years.

Now questions before us are as under:

  1. Are all of us mad or a merely material to be used?
  2. Is AAP not deviating from its basic principles?
  3. For how long, we shall tolerate such anarchy within the party?
  4. Whether it is not our to stop exploitation of innocent indians including active well-wishers’s (sic) sentiments in the name of AAP?
  5. Whether it is not our to check the incompetence and arrogance of destructive lot (sic) of so-called leaders within the party?
  6. Whether it is not our to protect the credibility of AAP’s great mission?
  7. Whether AAP not would have been (sic) emerged as party of values and principles?
  8. Can AAP (with a selfish, arrogant & polluted lot of top leaders) counter the prevailing Indian political & administrative system?
  9. Whether it is not our to care about the unlimited selfless & sincere efforts of Kejriwal and some other sincere top leaders including other highly dedicated AAP activists?

For an exercise towards the required reply of said question (sic), can all of us sit together somewhere in Delhi to discuss and decide about the credible, meaningful and results oriented promotion of AAP’s great mission?

If yes, please send your valuable consent at the earliest in order to decide accordingly.

Best Regards, 

Deep Singh

Founder & National Executive Member-AAP,

Jammu (Jammu & Kashmir), Mobile: 09419146755”

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Surajit Dasgupta
Surajit Dasgupta
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