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Sadhvi does not appear for cancer test; prosecutor concludes Pragya was never tortured

Meanwhile, Twitter user Bhartiya (@gary_agg) gives a spine-chilling account of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur's ordeal in Maharashtra ATS custody


Mumbai: A glaring flaw has surfaced in the narration of the legal case against Sadhvi by Rohini Salian who was the public prosecutor of the time. While The Times of India made “SC didn’t accept Pragya’s claims: Ex-prosecutor” the tagline of its story, “Karkare was under ‘unseen pressure’, says Julio Rebeiro,” the report subsequently reveals the flimsy ground on which Salian had reached her conclusion.

This follows the furore on media yesterday over the sadhvi’s remarks that she had cursed Karkare and the police officer got killed soon thereafter.

The then prosecutor is quoted by the newspaper as saying, “When I was special prosecutor and Thakur had made an for interim bail on grounds, she was asked to come to Mumbai and undergo tests in a cancer speciality hospital in Mumbai. She never submitted herself to such tests. Her bail on medical grounds at the time was rejected.”

[pullquote]Curiously, the reporter does not ask Salian how possibly not being afflicted by cancer proves that the sadhvi was not tortured in the Maharashtra ATS custody![/pullquote]

But several paragraphs before that, either the interviewed lawyer or the said newspaper tried to build a misleading narrative. Salian is first quoted as saying Thakur’s allegations of in custody “were not found to hold even by the Supreme Court”.

The Times of India says, Salian, the former special public prosecutor in the 2008 Malegaon blast case, on Friday described Sadhvi ’s statements against late ATS chief Hemant Karkare as “unwarranted”.

Curiously, the reporter does not ask Salian how possibly not being afflicted by cancer proves that the sadhvi was not tortured in the Maharashtra ATS custody!

Salian, the newspaper says, said that “as ATS chief, Karkare was dedicated to his job”.

In the meantime, social media users in large numbers on Twitter and Facebook sympathised with Pragya Thakur on the basis of not only her own statements made on Thursday but also of a much-retweeted story by a user who gave a spine-chilling account of what had transpired in the chambers of the Maharashtra ATS.

Is this what happened to Sadhvi Pragya in custody?

Bhartiya (@gary_agg) wrote on Twitter on Friday,

Her father died out of trauma, she didn’t get bail for one day yes one day) to fulfil his last wish. To see her!!! Father was a long time member.  Being a woman, she was deemed a softer target n was picked up first (illegally n without any paper) +

The family was kept in total dark for full 13 days of illegal detention, jisme kya kya nahi hua!  She was kicked so hard like a football that her lung membrane collapsed!  She was put on ventilator!  +

With a collapsed lung membrane she was asked to walk up to 3rd floor in hospital!  Her oxygen pipe would b removed until she got breathless.  Various injections were given to her, God knows what injections. +

Once they brought geeta, our holy book, flung it in the air n crushed it under feet, used to tell her on diwali ‘kab ayenge tere raam bachane’.  She was made to hear porn audios surrounded by policemen.  Sharm aani chahiye Hindus ko.  +

Kapde utarkar ulta latkakar aadmi log peet peet kar adhmara kar dete the,  hemant karkare khada hokar karwata tha.  After 14 days, after breaking her spine n rendering her like pulp,  they filed another case in MP dewas on her.  Don’t know what BJP was doing.  +

With a broken spine, they would make her travel in sleeper class from Maharashtra to dewas/ bhopal.  Won’t give painkillers!  Around 2014 or 2015, @SureshChavhanke from sudarshan TV had released an audio or video clip of her on bhopal airport or railway station+

In which she is seen crying horribly in pain ‘pehle mera ilaaj karo,  fir main jail jaungi’ (first give me medical treatment then I’ll go to jail), deaf n dumb democracy. Because u r sitting behind anonymous handles or under political protection, pointing fingers at her is easy

I found this clip by sudarshan TV.  Just see this.  This is her younger sister pratibha n her husband bhagwan jha.  Kudos to @SudarshanNewsTV for bringing this out then.  That’s how I searched for english articles on her story n found none,  n decided to write.  Must see!

The rest of the story follows in the form of tweets:

Then, there was another theory. While many social media users finally acknowledged that Karkare was killed by terrorists and, hence, must be accorded the status of a martyr, they also said the late police officer went to face the Pakistanis grossly underprepared as, typically, Maharashtra cops would while encountering gangsters.

This, even as the mainstream media quoted Julio Rebeiro to shore up more sympathy for Karkare.

“Former Mumbai top cop Julio Rebeiro too recalled meeting Karkare a day before he was martyred. ‘He was under unseen pressure. I told him he was a good Hindu and should do his job as his dharma. I told him she (Sadhvi) was doing her dharma and he should be doing his dharma of performing his duty,’ Rebeiro said” according to The Times of India.

Meanwhile, a new effort by Lutyens’ media has come to the fore. Barkha Dutt on Friday used the language of nationalists in her bid to corner nationalists! Citing this case in Hindustan Times, she described the supporters of Sadhvi Pragya as “anti-nationals”.

It looks like an orchestrated effort by the quasi-political group, as Rebeiro has spoken in a language he is normally not associated with: How Karkare was a “good Hindu”!

Salian stressed that “one should not forget she (Thakur) is still facing trial for serious offences of terror.”


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