Monday 17 January 2022
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Former India player emerges to give gyan to Ganguly, Kohli

A former India cricketer has suggested that the ongoing acrimony between ex-captain Virat Kohli and president Sourav Ganguly’s is a mere difference of opinion and not a controversy. However, Madanlal, a member of the 1983 World Cup-winning team, was quick to point out that the former India captain should come out and give an explanation to clear the air.

Madanlal’s statement followed Kohli’s fiery press conference before Team India left for South Africa.

Last week after Kohli ceased to be India’s captain in ODIs, Ganguly had told reporters that he had personally requested Kohli to not step down as T20I captain, but Kohli said such a conversation never took place.

Thereafter, the board decided to go with Rohit Sharma as the captain in limited-overs as they could not have two white-ball captains. However, Kohli (33) said that the received his decision well and did not ask him to reconsider it.

The former India player said on 17 December, “I think this situation should have been handled in a better way because it is not a controversy but a matter of opinion. I don’t know what Sourav had said to Virat so I don’t want to comment on that. But I think that Sourav being the president (of the BCCI) should come out and give an explanation and that will be the end of the entire issue. We need to be focused on the tour right now as it is an important game for us.”

The former India player, now 70, is in agreement also with legendary Sunil Gavaskar on the point that Kohli should resolve his issues with the management. Madanlal said that the selectors should have handled the whole episode better.

“Gavaskar is correct with his point. Virat should clear all his issues with the management. This is not a big matter. I would say that the selectors should have handled the situation better. It is the duty of selectors to look after and stop these controversies. I am not sure if the selectors spoke to Virat before taking the decision,” the former India player added.

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