Wednesday 26 January 2022
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Former bureaucrat: Mumbai attack was ‘fixed’ between Pakistan, UPA govt

Author of Hindu Terror: Insider Account of Ministry of Home Affairs and former under secretary RVS Mani explained how it was mutually planned

Former under secretary at the Home Ministry RVS Mani has made a sensational claim that the terror on Mumbai’s Taj Hotel was “fixed” between and the UPA government of the time. Mani has said it could not be a coincidence that, at the time of the 26/11 Mumbai attack, most officers of the Union home ministry were in Islamabad for the annual home secretary-level talks on terrorism.

Hindu terror
RVS Mani’s book

These talks were to be held in on 25 November 2008. After reaching there, they mutually extended the date of the talks to 26/11, Mani claimed.

Mani said he was sent to Lucknow in the meantime.

Meanwhile, the terror on Mumbai started at midnight. Mani said further that Hindu terrorism was a hypothesis, which was deliberately propagated by some senior leaders and police officers of the then central government, and the evidence was fabricated in support of the claim. “I do not know what their real motive was, but due to this, the real terrorists escaped,” Mani said.

Journalist Praveen Tiwari said

If Ajmal Kasab had not been captured alive, the conspirators would have passed off the dead Pakistani terrorists as Hindu

Mani was in Bhopal on Friday to participate in a talk organised by the National Security Forum on his popular book Hindu Terror: Insider Account of Ministry of Home Affairs. Its Hindi version, Bhagwa Aatank Ek Shadyantra, was launched on 26 April.

While discussing the book, Mani said that he was a non-political person and that he came to Bhopal because the publisher had invited him.

On this occasion, journalist and writer of The Great Indian Conspiracy and Aatank se Samjhauta Praveen Tiwari accused Congress leaders of coining the term “ terrorism”. He reminded the gathering that most terrorists in the Mumbai were seen sporting kalawa around the wrists and lockets of Hindu deities around their necks.

Tiwari said if Ajmal Kasab had not been captured alive, the conspirators would have passed off all the dead terrorists as Hindu. He said that this was confirmed by the terrorist captured in the US, David Headley.

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