Friday 15 January 2021
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For Shame, Mrs Bachchan

The vitriolic diatribe witnessed in the parliament on 15 September is exactly why these torch-bearers of immorality should be finished once and for all

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For Shame, Mrs Bachchan

The vitriolic diatribe witnessed in the parliament on 15 September is exactly why these torch-bearers of immorality should be finished once and for all

हिन्दू कवयित्रियों पर चुप्पी, मुग़ल शहज़ादियों का महिमामंडन

मध्यकालीन हिन्दू स्त्रियों के विषय में सोचिये। क्या धुंधली सी भी सकारात्मक उभर कर आती है? हमारी इतिहास की किताबों ने ऐसा चित्रण किया ही नहीं

It no longer surprises me why the icon of the film industry, Amitabh Bachchan is silent on the murder of Sushant Singh Rajput and its connection to the drug and Jihadi underworld nexus which snares practically the whole of Bollywood. The reason? His wife — Jaya Bacchan. Another icon with feet of clay. Who chooses to associate and identify with the Abu Azmis of the Samajwadi Party, known for its underhand corruption and dubious anti-national ideology of Jihadi minorityism. Who exudes arrogance from every pore and is rude and obnoxious to anyone who doesn’t meet her standards. However low those standards themselves are, is the highest irony and another story altogether.

After months of shameful silence, she decides to take the muck and filth that is slowly being unearthed all the way up to the parliament and then support it? To badmouth and demean actors like Kangana Ranaut and Ravi Kishan for having the guts to call out all that is wrong with this glitzy, superficial, immoral industry ruled by Pakistan and its ISI-supported ganglords? Just because they do not belong to the so-called first-generation royalty of filmdom that she somehow mistakenly believes that she is Queen-mother of? Just because they had no godfather, just because they scraped and ploughed their way to their respective positions simply on the basis of their hard work? Just because she knows that not a single coward of her type will stand up for them? And just because one is a woman who is an ‘outsider’ and the other from the ‘cow belt’ which probably means scraping the barrel as far as Mrs Bachchan’s social ladder is concerned?

Not that either of them look as if they care because of it.

Where was this indignation, Mrs Bacchan, when the industry in cohorts with a political party and family that once you and your own were best friends with, produced Udta Punjab, a film designed to expose the underbelly of the drug mafia of Punjab? Then everyone was all praise — the industry was bringing to the forefront a menace that ravaged the state. But when the same exposure is being meted out to the filth in the industry which systematically is ruining so many of our youth and otherwise, you have an issue? Why, Mrs Bachchan? Has it unfortunately hit close to your own home?

Where were you when a cousin-in-law of your daughter played the lead role in Sanju? A biopic expressly made to glorify one of the biggest drug addicts and terror sympathisers of the industry? Or is that not to be discussed? Or was it okay because it’s only confined to Sunjay Dutt? Apprehensive are you, that the radar may now well shift to Jalsa, Pratiksha, or even Delhi?

Jaya Bachchan rants
Inopportune photo-ops, Mrs Bachchan?

How dare you single out people who do not meet your fake social stratum and viciously demean them in the parliament? How dare you say — “jis thaali mein khaate hain usi mein chhed karte hain“? At least they have the strength of character to own up to their mistakes of the past and seek to begin a better tomorrow for all? Mrs Bachchan, kam se kam, unmein itna to dum hai ki paap se bhare thaali to khali kar rahe hain. What to do you have to say for yourself, supporting drugs and murder as you are with your travesty of a melodramatic outburst in Parliament on 15 September?

Do you even realise that by using this analogy, you have accepted that yes, Bollywood is that thali which is so full of drugs and dirty money that some have decided to drill a hole in it to clean it up? Indirectly, that’s exactly what you’re owning up to. Should have thought of this before going on your mindless tirade, Mrs Bachchan.

It’s shameful that a country that feted your trajectory as an actress, who loved your family as their own, who gave you a place in the parliament — however misplaced — should see you fall to this level.

All these years of your trying to build a faultless image for yourself have been crashed at the wayside, while those very people now stand by and jeer.

While supporting all that is against the very Indianness of our culture, you have shamelessly ignored the fact that the nation is supreme. If there is a cleansing to be done, you should welcome it as better for our country, our youth, our tomorrow. Rather than behaving like a petty, selfish megalomaniac who cannot see beyond her spoilt little nose.

For shame, Mrs Bachchan, I wonder how you sleep at night.

Paavani Sinha
Paavani Sinha
Editorial consultant, Sirf News, commentator on social issues
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