Thursday 19 May 2022
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For call drops, telecom service providers paid penalty of Rs 58 lakh to govt

Union Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha said that BSNL, Idea, Tata, Telenor, etc had to pay heavily for the call drops the previous year as per the rules of the TRAI

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New Delhi: The government has initiated steps to check call drops and penalty of Rs 58 lakh was imposed on service providers, including and BSNL, Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha said in Rajya Sabha on Friday.

During the Question Hour, Sinha said a penalty of Rs 4 lakh was imposed on in the June quarter while Rs 12 lakh was slapped on during the same quarter.

Giving details of financial disincentives imposed by TRAI on non-complaint provider against prescribed benchmarks for drop call rate, Sinha said during the March quarter, Rs 3 lakh penalty was imposed on BSNL, Rs 10.5 lakh on Idea, Rs 22.5 lakh on Tata and Rs 6 lakh on Telenor.

Sinha said the situation has improved due to augmenting of telecommunication infrastructure and the BTS count has been increased to 20 lakh in four years from eight lakh in 2014.
A mobile tower can house several base stations (BTS) of different providers.

Sinha said continuous monitoring is on in the matter to improve the situation. He said, to tackle the call drop menace, the government has also launched an Integral Voice Response System (IVRS) to obtain direct feedback from consumers and 2.5 crore people were connected.
Besides, the minister pointed out that one of the problems before the ministry in augmenting infrastructure was the opposition to mobile towers by people apprehending radiation.

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