Sunday 23 January 2022
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Food recommended for Omicron-infected patients

Since the patient does not feel hungry, but nutrition is important, American physician Dr Robert G Lahita recommends these food items when Omicron strikes

The Omicron variant of the China-origin coronavirus is spreading fast in the country. In India, 1.17 lakh corona positive cases have been found in the last 24 h. The number of patients infected with Omicron has crossed 3,000. According to health experts, vaccination is the best way to reduce incidents of Omicron infection, although it is not a foolproof solution. Symptoms may be milder in people who have been vaccinated than in those who have not. If someone gets infected with Omicron, the patient may not know what food to consume, especially when he or she is not feeling hungry. Loss of appetite is one of the symptoms of Omicron.

Dr Robert G Lahita
Dr Robert G Lahita

American physician, internist and rheumatologist Dr Robert G Lahita, best known for his research into systemic lupus erythematosus and other autoimmune diseases and of more than 16 books and 150 scientific publications in the field of autoimmunity and immuno-endocrinology and a media consultant on health-related issues, recommends a certain kind of food intake for Omicron patients.

Dr Lahita currently serves as Chairman of Medicine at St Joseph’s Healthcare System, specialising in rheumatology, and of diseases of joints, muscle, bones and tendons including arthritis, back pain, muscle strains, common athletic injuries and collagen diseases.

The doctor says, “People who are infected with Omicron, Delta or Influenza sense a loss of appetite. Omicron causes a lot of pain in the throat. It feels like the throat is sore and there is something pricking in it. Even trying to drink some liquid may give the pricking sensation.”

The patient then does not feel like eating anything, but it is important to give nutrition to the body so that it can recover as soon as possible, the doctor says. He recommends the following food items when Omicron symptoms occur.


It is best to consume curd when infected with Omicron. Curd is soft and cool to eat, which will feel good in the throat. It is rich in protein, so a little intake makes up for the less frequency of eating. Dr Lahita recommends adding some granola to the yoghurt as food intake when symptoms of Omicron appear.

If the patient so wants, he or she may add a banana to the menu for potassium. But bear in mind that the slices of banana should be small, otherwise there may be trouble in swallowing.

Soups and broths

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Another easy meal to soothe and nourish the throat is soup or broth. According to Dr Lahita, they contain a lot of electrolytes, which would be good to consume. If you are hungrier, you may add vegetables to the soup, which will give more nutrients to the body, which, in turn, will help in fighting the infection.

Cruciferous vegetables

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According to Dr Lahita, consuming leafy or cruciferous vegetables can greatly benefit those infected by Omicron.

You may take spinach, mustard, cabbage, cauliflower (mashed), fenugreek leaves etc. They provide a lot of nutrition, which can help in fighting this infection.


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According to Dr Lahita, Omicron patients prefer light food. Therefore, if they want, they may consume a shake. A protein shake is lighter than a smoothie and its consumption does not cause any pressure on the throat. Therefore, you can drink your favourite protein powder mixed with milk or water.


According to Dr Lahita, it is important for the Omicron-infected to consume liquids. Drink something that contains electrolytes, especially when there is a problem of diarrhoea and vomiting. Due to electrolytes, the amount of sodium in the body will stay normal.

What about citrus fruits?

According to Dr Lahita, “Vitamin C is found in plenty in citrus fruits, which can boost immunity. But in the case of Omicron, citrus fruits should not be eaten. Food that contains citrus tends to have a slight tartness, which can make them difficult to swallow.

In the case of Omicron, consuming citrus fruits may result in aggravated soreness in the throat. “I am recommending yoghurt and other soft probiotic foods,” the doctor says.

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