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FIR against 9 for converting Hindus to Muslims in Gujarat

The nine suspects are residents of Gujarat, except one person, who is currently residing in the United Kingdom and identified as Fefdawala Haji Abdul


Nine Muslims are suspected to have lured tribal people from a village in Gujarat’s Bharuch to convert them to Islam using funds collected from overseas sources. Police has registered an against them. One of them is a man of local origin but currently stays in London.

The police said that the members of the Vasava Hindu clan were targeted by the Muslims to embrace Islam by luring them with money.

According to an official of the Amod police station, the Muslim group made more than 100 members from 37 families of the Vasava Hindu clan embrace Islam by offering them money and making other allurements. These tribal people are economically very weak. The group took advantage of this aspect to convince them to convert to Islam, the source said.

“The accused persons took advantage of the weak economic condition and illiteracy among the members of the tribal community to lure them into conversion to Islam over a long period,” the cop said.

While all the nine suspects are residents of Gujarat, one of them is currently staying in the United Kingdom. He has been identified as Fefdawala Haji Abdul.

Abdul is accused of collecting funds from abroad and sending them to the group to help them lure the tribals to convert to Islam.

“The illegal religious conversion activity by Muslim fundamentalists using funds collected from abroad was going on for a long time at the village. The accused persons lured the Vasava Hindu community members by offering them money and other help to convert them fraudulently to Islam by entering into a criminal conspiracy hatched to spread animosity between members of two communities and affect peace,” Bharuch police said in a statement.

Abdul is a native of Nabipur in the Bharuch district.

Police have lodged the against all the nine Muslims under the Freedom of Religion (Amendment) Act, as well as Sections 120 (B) (criminal conspiracy), 153 (B)(C) (act likely to cause disharmony) and 506 (2) (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code.

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