Thursday 26 May 2022
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50% Indians to gain digital literacy in 3 years: RS Prasad

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New Delhi: The stage has been set for rapidly increasing digital literacy in the country. In 3 years, the Union government aims to take digital literacy to atleast 50% from the current level of 15%. Minister for Telecom and Prasad said this here today while presiding over the function to winners of “Digital India Week’s Online Quiz Competition on Cyber and Cyber Awareness”.

The minister said 100% digital literacy was needed to make India a truly digitized society. Prasad said that the world was keenly watching developments in India and it was the responsibility of the youth to come up to the expectations.

Prasad said more than 4,000 innovators had come to India to explore possibilities in the fields of and electronic manufacturing. He said that a knowledge economy will prove to be the driver of change and initiatives of the government in this direction would place in a certain advantageous position.

As part of this initiative, the government in collaboration with Intel had organised an online quiz competition on cyber and cyber awareness during the Digital India Week from 1 July to 7 July 2015. Around 10 lakh participated in the competition from all 36 States and Union Territories. The competition was conducted for school children of Classes VI to VIII and for Classes IX to XII. The whole contest was online and the automated system recognized the correct answers and selected the winners. Around 32,000 students, who completed Level II of the competition, received their merit certificates online. Four top performances from each State and Union Territory were chosen winners.

Prior to the function in the morning, a workshop on “Cyber Safety and Cyber Awareness” for school children was conducted, wherein were sensitized on cyber safety. Moreover, various topics including cyber bullying, social media misuse, identity theft, hacking, mobile crimes, e-frauds, etc. were discussed. At the end of the workshop, participating students developed certain action points for promoting cyber safety and awareness in schools.

This function is expected to further promote awareness about cyber safety, contributing to the overall vision of “Digital India” that is ensuring a safe and secure digital world, especially for school children.

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