Wednesday 18 May 2022
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FCRA license of Christian missionary Harvest India suspended

Harvest India has not shown any record of utilisation of FCRA funds for paying the pastors or the maintenance of churches


The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) suspended the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA) license of Christian missionary NGO Harvest India on 29 September 2021 according to a report in The Commune Mag.

Legal Rights Protection Forum (LRPF), an NGO watchdog that has constantly been reporting illegal activities of foreign funded NGOs, had filed several complaints against Harvest India and its chief functionary Suresh Kumar for proselytisation activities and violating the FCRA.

Recently, the Hyderabad-based legal activism organisation had written to the MHA seeking action against Harvest India and Kattera Suresh Kumar for collecting foreign funds through fraudulent misrepresentation.

Harvest India had allegedly established more than 1,500 ‘community centres’ all over the country for proselytising purposes. Besides, there are over 1,500 to 2,000 pastors working in the organisation as well as in various other places undercover.

The organisation had conducted events called ‘Crusades’ to induct new members to their religion as well as train religious preachers for this purpose. The complaint by LRPF questioned how an organisation that was supposed to be a not-for-profit body could gain so much money for missionary activities. Furthermore, Harvest India has not shown any records of utilisation of FCRA funds for paying the pastors or the maintenance of churches.

Harvest India had received crores from foreign church organisations for religious activities, preacher and priest training programs and other Christian religious functions.

Agencies found that the committee that runs the organisation comprised people who were not citizens of India. Notably, many of these people came here on visa and violated the Indian visa rules with their religious conversion drives.

In the first week of September, LRPF and the SC ST Rights Forum had written to the National Commission for Scheduled Castes, seeking action against Suresh Kumar for misusing benefits meant for Scheduled Caste.

A Scheduled Caste woman, who is a resident of Kollipara in Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur District, filed several complaints against the gang, alleging that Bishop Kattera Suresh Kumar had a Scheduled Caste certificate to avail the benefit of reservation despite not being a Hindu, maintaining a big church, running several Bible colleges and awarding a Christian degree through a large evangelical organisation namely Harvest India.

Suresh Kumar and his wife run a church named King’s Temple. As per their tax returns filed with US IRS, they run 10 Bible colleges. Following such complaints, the district collector ordered an investigation into the credentials of the outfit.

Suresh Kumar is known for his rabid hate speeches against Hindus. In the video above he says, “Right now, we are under Hindu rule. Our Prime Minister, he is a bad guy. He doesn’t want any Christians in India. He wants to make India as only Hindu country. So many pastors killed in last 5 years. Many missionaries, they send them out. There is unrest, turmoil. Pastors are killing, Churches are burning. The government is not doing anything. Brutal mentality, we are struggling. We do not know what is going happen tomorrow to Christianity in India, to Church in India but I am believing powerful god on our side. Next year we have election, please pray. I don’t want this party to come back. This guy is doing so much bad for Christianity”.

“I shared about the nation of India. Pastors are beaten, churches are burning. 5 years churches are struggling. Hindu militants posting videos in social media husband and wife pastors stripped naked, made to walk naked just for bearing the cross of Jesus Christ.” he said.


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