Wednesday 2 December 2020
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Farming institute in Bihar

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Politics India Farming institute in Bihar

East Champaran — Fulfilling the promise made to the people of Bihar on the day of the BJP’s Muzaffarpur rally (25 July) during another ICAR event, Union Minister of Agriculture Radha Mohan Singh today laid the foundation stone for National Research Centre on Integrated Farming (ICAR-NRCIF) in Pipra Kothi, East Champaran district of the State.

Inaugurating the National Integrated Agriculture Research Centre, Singh said that the new institute will be dedicated to the welfare of the farmers in the region. The mandate of the institute will be to conduct research on the development of location specific integrated farming system models for diverse agricultural-ecological conditions, especially flood and wetland situation with emphasis on rice, sugarcane and banana, which require more water.

The inauguration ceremony

The agriculture minister expressed hope that the institute will bear the responsibility of developing integrated models for whole of the region so that the food and nutritional security of people is secured. He declared that KVKs will be strengthened across the country for accelerating the lab to land programme.

Progressive farmers and entrepreneurs from the region including seven women farmers, who have excelled in cultivation of mushroom, banana cultivation and rice production were felicitated by the minister. On the occasion, Dr S. Ayyappan, DG, ICAR, and Secretary, DARE, welcomed all dignitaries and farmers and apprised about the mandate of the newly established institute.

On this occasion, the ICAR also organised a kisan gosthi on integrated farming and an exhibition on agriculture. The programme was attended by more than 3,000 farmers from East Champaran and neighbouring districts and a large numbers of entrepreneurs, scientists and social workers.

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