Farmhouse of Rahul-Priyanka appreciated in value from Rs 55 lakh to 9 crore in 10 years?

BJP spokesman Sambit Patra raises the issue of a farmhouse and two property deals of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra


1. Sambit Patra, spokesman of the BJP, talks of a farmhouse in Delhi’s Mehrauli, the value of which appreciated abnormally

2. Patra spoke of two property deals struck in Gurugram that were dubious

3. The BJP linked Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra to both the deals

New Delhi: The BJP has made a serious allegation against Congress president Rahul Gandhi over his income from a farmhouse. Raising the issue at a press conference on Sunday, the BJP said that in 2004 Rahul Gandhi had declared assets worth Rs 55 lakh in his nomination papers, which increased to Rs 9 crore in 2014.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra asked how the worth increased when the MP has no declared means of income other than the salary for a parliamentarian. The MP in question is not a professional like a doctor or lawyer, Patra said.

The BJP spokesman challenged the Congress and Rahul Gandhi to file defamation cases while questioning land deals, farm rentals and a property deal allegedly associated with the Congress president.

Farmhouse worth lakhs but rent worth crores?

The BJP spokesman, referring to a farmhouse in Mehrauli, Delhi, said the property is spread across a plot of about 5 acres. Its owners are Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi, Patra claimed. Its name is Indira Farm House.

The farmhouse was rented out in 2013 to a company named Financial Technologies India Limited (FTIL). It was rented for Rs 7 lakh per month. Rs 40,20,000 were taken in advance for this — free of interest, claimed the BJP.

How can it be that someone lends money and not take an interest on it, Patra asked. He alleged that the value of this farmhouse was Rs 9 lakh as per the affidavit, but the Congress has taught how to earn crores from a farmhouse worth lakhs.

NSEL scam

Describing FTIL as a subsidiary of the National Spot Exchange Limited, which allegedly hired the farmhouse, the BJP said that the company was involved in a big scam in 2013.

‘Earning Rs 3 crore in five years’

Patra claimed that this farmhouse helped the Nehru-Gandhi siblings grow their income to Rs. 3 crore from 2007-08 to 2012-13. No one lived here, said Patra, adding only the brother and sister could have lived in the property.

Rahul Gandhi, Patra said, has declared the value of this farmhouse as Rs 9 lakh in his affidavit, but the rent was earned in crores of rupees.

‘Rs 7 crore worth of property bought for Rs 4 crore’

Patra made an allegation about a property deal in Gurugram too, saying that in October 2010, Rahul Gandhi bought two commercial properties. One was worth Rs 1.44 crore and the other was of 5.36 crore.

This purchase was made in Signature Towers 2 in Gurugram, Patra said. Its proprietor is Unitech. The property is worth Rs 7 crore but only Rs 4 crore was paid for it according to the agreement.

Those who gave Rs 4 crore are likely to take interest in the financial year 2010-11 to 2014-15. Was the amount given to earn interest on it or was it given to buy the property, Patra asked. Both cannot be true at the same time, the BJP spokesman said.