Tuesday 28 June 2022
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Farmers block passage of Kangana’s car in Punjab

The president of Bharatiya Kisan Union, Sethi Sharma, said Kangana had used derogatory language against farmers who were sitting on dharna at Delhi borders

Kangana Ranaut’s woes in Punjab continue as she travels through the state landscape. The actress recorded a series of videos from her car, with people claiming to be farmers seen surrounding her vehicle near Bunga Sahib on the Ropar-Manali Highway.

Many activists of the Bharatiya Kisan Union were following her from Bilaspur. When she reached Bunga Sahib, the protesters, including a large number of women, sat in front of her car, blocking the road.

The president of the union, Sethi Sharma, said Kangana had used derogatory language against farmers who were sitting on dharna at Delhi borders.

In the video, the actress says, “I left Himachal and arrived in Punjab by car because my flight was cancelled. My car is surrounded by a mob where these people are claiming to be farmers. They are attacking me. They are hurling abuses at me and threatening to kill me.”

Kangana called it “mob lynching”: “In this country, this kind of mob lynching is happening openly, if I didn’t have security, what would have happened? The situation is unbelievable. There are so many cops here; still, my car is not allowed to leave. Am I some politician? This behaviour is unbelievable. A lot of people are playing politics in my name and this is the result. If the cops had not been here, they would have lynched me. Shame on these people!”

In a follow-up video, Kangana talks to a woman in the crowd and holds her hand.

She had also used inappropriate language against women protesters participating in the agitation, and they would not lift her till she doesn’t tender an apology before the women, Sharma said.

Nearly one hour after her gherao, she agreed to meet the protesters and initially two women were allowed to go near her car. 

In a video, Kangana is seen pleading with women protesters as she is heard saying that she hasn’t said anything bad about farmers and women protesters but was referring to those women who were protesting at Shaheen Bagh against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Kangana reportedly apologised and clarified that she never said anything derogatory for women. Following this, she came out of the car and hugged the women protesters.

After exiting from the place, Kangana says, “I am completely safe and have left the spot, thanks to Punjab Police and CRPF. “

Kangana recently grabbed headlines for the umpteenth time after an association of gurudwaras lodged an FIR against her for her statement linking the farmers’ protests to the Khalistani movement. The actress had alleged that she was getting death threats and had filed an FIR, registering the complaint.

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