Tuesday 30 November 2021
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Farm Laws’ Revocation — Democracy Undermined

The Modi government has given anarchists a message that all his reforms can be rolled back under a mob threat, as the farm laws have been


Sauvik Rahahttps://www.sirfnews.com/
Former lecturer in chemistry at Ramanuj Gupta Junior College, Silchar; Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science

Anarchists stand vindicated. There can be no better way of describing the repeal of the farm laws by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Putting his political capital at stake, he took the gamble to declare two days ago that his government would repeal the laws in the coming winter session of the parliament. This is yielding to the hooligans and hoodlums who continue to occupy the streets and highways illegally and keep at posing threat to domestic security flaunting brazenly their perennial disregard for law and order despite being treated with kid gloves over and over again. This sets a precedence of internalisation and further entrenchment of hazardous threats and fault lines as elementary pillars of democracy when, in truth, they have undermined it across the globe. A direct apology has projected the prime minister and his government as being, in the first place, high-handed and inconsiderate to the general interests of the farmers community of the entire nation when in reality only a faction, into which many elements of disruptive forces have infiltrated and dominated the campaign, have failed in their limited capacities and in their defence of selfish interests to arrive at an agreement with the conditions tabled by the proposed laws that were meant to elevate the interests of the farmers granting them greater leverage to carry out transactions without feeling the pressure to squeeze themselves into a structure that has long robbed them off their true, rightful profits. This is bloody, outrageous demonstration of the clouts of powerful, insidiously arranged narrative manufacturing and and belligerent propagation of propagandas that can paint the most benevolent act as a draconian rule brushing aside and obliterating from sight all the merits of the laws that could raise the living standards of a large section of the nation’s population rendering them humongous contributors to its economic ambitions—an immensely huge opportunity frittered away in an awfully sloppy fashion.

The agricultural laws were designed to offer greater freedom to farmers to sell their produce. Intermediaries would, under the provisions, more or less cease to exist ensuring that the farmer got a bigger share of the price paid by the consumer. This way, agricultural incomes would find a much needed boost. Second, only a handful of farmers in the enjoy the benefits of minimum support prices (MSP). The clamour for legal and constitutional status of MSP, above all, is a pursuit of vested interests who thereby seek legal fortification of the long-standing exploitation of farmers at their hands. Further, MSP is only for around two-dozen crops. Advantages will now be seized with both hands of the fact that farmers in the country are mostly sufficiently underprivileged to stand up to the might of money-lenders, commission agents, mandi-operators, APMC bosses, big farmers and ruthless landlords who have stakes in manipulative pricing. Farms laws were formulated to weave a protective sphere around farmers who proficient in farming, marketing, business and technology would excell at business reaping handsome profits and surely be a bane to these exploiters!

Unfortunately, false fears of plausible exploitation of farmers in a free market were peddled and used as a fuel to instigate already motivated faction of the farmer communities, chiefly in Punjab and Haryana. Old faultlines of Hindu-Sikh divide or Sikh versus the Indian state were spun out of thin air and duly exploited and made a part of a revolution which is no revolution indeed but beneath its veneer objectives inimical to India’s unity and sovereignty were successfully stoked up. Interestingly, just a few days have elapsed since National Security Adviser Ajit Doval warned about the fourth-generation wars that are aimed at subverting and manipulating the civil society to hurt a nation’s interests and whims of the leftwing radicalism infested minds of the agitating Sikhs were allowed to have their way and conveniently topple state apparatus and legal mechanism. The agitation, out and out separatist in character being hijacked from the outset by pro-Khalistan activists, was an offshoot of “Breaking India” front whose three key players are the left radicals, the evangelists and the Islamists and therefore had to be crushed at the moment of its inception without even having to entertain the idea of conducting “talks” with this band of disruptors.

Democracy should not be run as per terms dictated by violent mobs that comprise nothing but lobotomised zombies united by a common, programmed objective to bring on the nation’s ruination. The Indian media, intellectuals, academicians and the legal establishment, (largely infiltrated by the “Breaking India” forces) embarrassingly obsequious to their masters abroad have, although needless to mention, functioned against the interest and cause of the nation. The farm laws thus got negatively portrayed worldwide although the whole matter being internal could not have had any bearing on the progress of other nations. On top of everything, too many challenges have of late been posed before the government on the international space by rivals, from Chinese incursions to Pakistan infiltrations to the ascendancy of the hostile Taliban in Afghanistan following an exit of the US to recent persecutions of Hindus in Bangladesh apart from challenges offered to domestic security on a regular basis. Notwithstanding, what the regime has had to encounter, undoubtedly heavy costs have been incurred every time peace has come to hand by way of stark appeasement.

Farmers and those practising farming as one of their means of livelihood in and around my native place were absolutely overjoyed at the introduction of the new farm laws and so were the commoners — I gather the same mood of assent has indeed prevailed in almost the entire nation save a couple of regions profoundly afflicted by the pandemic of anti-nationalism. मौनं सम्मति लक्षणम्। (Quiescence reflects tacit concurrence!) But the union government’s decision to roll back the three farm laws will surely let down not just individuals engaged in the occupation of agriculture but a huge chunk of Prime Minister Modi’s core support base, all whom demonstrate the authentic wish that the Head of the Indian government act strongly to lead the nation in the path of reformation and development. We, who have been raised in rural India, have seen how hard our farmers toiled day and night but earned remuneration grossly disproportionate to the hard labour they spend first and foremost for the sake of their own families perpetually living in impoverished conditions — a paddy field lay stretched right behind the premises of our house till the farthest viewable horizon, shall feel the deepest satisfaction to see our farmers empowered.

A day has to come when they dictate terms in contracts they wish to foray into. Farm contract has gained currency across the globe. We already have farmers successfully partnering with the private sector. Fruits, vegetables, livestock, and fisheries, and even some MSP crops are procured by the private sector, especially in Punjab. Of course, a definitive overseeing mechanism can be set up to preempt all kinds of deceits and issue support for due redressal of grievances in the event of mishaps. We cannot think to hold our farmers from venturing onward. It is time they be allowed to unfurl their wings, be empowered to assume full responsibility of their own occupation (assuredly one of the noblest) and be granted this good opportunity to hone their skills, cultivate competency and eventually evolve consciously into entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector!

This humiliating negotiation that the government has struck with the agitators will not put an end to their agitations. The movement being a fig leaf to the underlying sedition that has gained steam aided by foreign fundings will in all likelihood shift goalposts; the intention being to shackle India hurtling towards progress across a range of domains. Cowering will not prompt the agitators to vacate Singhu and places along Delhi’s borders and on the contrary, will embolden their aggressions against the state. Today, it is farm laws, tomorrow it will be other legislations like CAA and Article 370 that the government will be forced to backtrack on.

The retreat, whether the much-touted tactical or otherwise, is surely irrevocable. No king in the history of the land whose own elephant turned tail in the face of a well directed aggression at it was able to spring back to reorganize his dispersing army and lead it to victory in a contest. Worth noting is that elephant’s pace cannot match a well disciplined and a far more strategically equipped cavalry. Covering ground conceded and thus lost to the adversaries will not be a walkover for the government. When you narrow your latitude of actions, you can easily be beleaguered on all fronts and survival will imperatively and compulsively imply bending before the foes of nation, the “Breaking India” forces. This capitulation will come to effect on all such fronts.

Your actions will be characterised by typical Hindu self-reproach and Hindu self-flagellation of the mediaeval age passed down to the modern times. When inspired by Krishna’s strategems, one needs to duly recall that both Jarasandha and Ghatotkacha were eventually done away with. Even if a supposedly strong government intimidated by a threat to its continued survival retreat, we, the ordinary mass, shall stand our ground and continue pushing reformations be it CAA, land acquisition reforms, farm laws, freeing of temples from state interference, prevention of temple desecration foisted in the name of modernisation while in actuality it being monkey balancing in appeasement of disruptive forces and the like which essentially are the different facets of Hindutva movement in which is ingrained the quintessence of democracy for what we are crusading for isn’t one kingdom but one vast Rashtra and (to reiterate it with due honest courage) an innately democratic one at that, albeit in the backdrop and continued proliferation of its ancient, indigenous civilisation. Or else, democracy will suffer a brutal mob-lynched-demise in the world’s largest democratic nation and not in bloody darkness as alleged by the anti-India Washington Post but in the broad daylight.

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