Wednesday 25 May 2022
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Faridabad corp: Another post-demonetisation victory for BJP

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Faridabad: In the recently concluded Faridabad Municipal Corporation elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has won 30 out of the 40 seats, showing little negative effect of  on the electoral prospects of the party. The polls were held on 8 January.

Independent candidates won the remaining 10 wards. However, some of these victors are known for their proximity to (or association with) the Congress; they did not contest under the party symbol. In fact, the Congress has had a tradition of not officially participating in these polls.

One of the wards may see a re-poll.

[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Victors in the Faridabad municipal corporation election”]

Ward No. Winning Party Ward No. Winning Party
1 Sapna Dagar BJP 21 Jeetendra Bhadana Independent
2 Priyanka Chaudhary BJP 22 Jeetenrda Yadav BJP
3 Jaiveer Khatana Independent 23 Geeta Rakshwal BJP
4 Sheetal Khatana Independent 24 Somlata Bhadana BJP
5 Lalita Yadav Independent 25 Munesh Bhadana Independent
6 Surendra Agarwal BJP 26 Ajay Baisla BJP
7 Veer Singh Nain BJP 27 Devendra Chaudhary BJP
8 Mamta Chaudhary BJP 28 Naresh Nambardar BJP
9 Mahendra Sarpanch BJP 29 Nitu Bhati Independent
10 Manveer Bhadana BJP 30 Subhash Ahuja BJP
11 Manoj Naswa BJP 31 Chhatrapal Yadav BJP
12 Suman Bala BJP 32 Manmohan Garg BJP
13 Suman Bharti BJP 33 Dhanesh Adlakha BJP
14 Jaswant Singh BJP 34 Kulveer BJP
15 Sandeep Bhardwaj Independent 35 Rakesh alias Kapil Dagar BJP
16 Rakesh Bhadana Independent 36 Deepak Yadav BJP
17 Vikas Bhardwaj Independent 37 Mahesh Goyal BJP
18 Ratanlal Independent 38 Omvati Saini BJP
19 Satish Kumar BJP 39  Harprasad Gaud BJP
20 Hema Chaudhary BJP 40 Savita Tanvar BJP


A day after the results, BJP president Shah said in a statement, “This historic win is a victory of BJP’s ideology of ‘sabka saath, sabka vikas’ and the pro-development agenda. In every election following demonetisation, people of the country have put their stamp of approval on it.”

The building that houses the Faridabad Municipal Corporation

“The results have proved yet again that Faridabad won’t be influenced by others and believes in Modi government. As far as note ban is concerned, the country is supporting PM Modi on this decision of his,” Faridabad MP and minister Krishanpal Gurjar had earlier said.

Captain Abhimanyu, a senior state BJP leader had tweeted, “After Chandigarh now, BJP turned victorious in Faridabad and Bhiwani shows that the decision of of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been warmly welcomed by the people.”

Earlier, the BJP put up an impressive performance in 12 Assembly constituencies (4 Lok Sabha and 8 Vidhan Sabha) and general elections in 2 assembly seats in Nadu and Municipal elections in Maharashtra.

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