FAO: Africa, Bangladesh, Myanmar among 53 face food crisis

According to the report, economic turmoil, climatic disasters such as droughts and floods, conflict and insecurity are significant causes


Paris: Almost more than 113 million people, struggled with the dearth of food owing to war and various climatic disasters in 53 countries of the world. The most affected of them was the continent of Africa informed the United Nations. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in its latest report on food crisis has said that Yemen, Congo, Afghanistan and Syria are among the eight countries that account for two-thirds of those facing severe famine-like conditions.

This annual study, which commenced three years ago, takes stock of the countries facing horrible food crises.

Emergency director of FAO Dominique Bourgeon said that the African countries are the worst hit, where 72 million people are battling an acute shortage of food grains. According to the report, economic turmoil, climatic disasters such as droughts and floods, conflict and insecurity are some of the important factors which resulted in this.

Bourgeon said that 80% of the people facing famishment are those who depend on agriculture. They are in need of emergency humanitarian aid for food. Also, urgent steps should be taken to improve their agriculture.

In this report, the pressure on countries sheltering a large number of refugees, like countries adjoining war-torn Syria has also been underlined. Bangladesh with its millions of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar also faces the same crisis.

Referring to Venezuela, FAO said that if the political and economic crisis persists in the country, the number of those ‘displaced’ might increase there too and then, the country might also declare a ‘food emergency’ this year.

The World Food Programme’s article “2018 Global Report on Food Crises” that provides, as of the last year, estimates of severe hunger in the world. It says, “A comparison of 45 countries included in the 2017 and 2018 editions of the report revealed an increase of 11 million people, an 11% rise, in the number of food-insecure people across the world who require urgent humanitarian action.”

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