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Family of raped, murdered vet hails Telangana Police

Not only the family of the veterinarian raped and murdered on 27 November but also those of the accused wanted them dead as soon as possible



Expressing happiness over the police encounter of the four people accused of raping and killing her sister, the Hyderabad victim’s sibling said, “The accused have been killed in an encounter. I am very happy to hear this. This is an example. Justice received in record time! I am thankful to those who stood by us in this difficult time.” The other family members of the vet are happy, too. They say her soul will now find peace.

The mother of ‘Nirbhaya’ who was a victim of similar brutality on 16 December 2012 has endorsed this encounter. She said there was outrage over the incident and the victim’s family had got justice.

The incident with ‘Disha’ on the night of 27 November had disturbed the whole country. There was a nationwide demand to hang the accused in this rape-murder case. While the victim’s family was demanding the death penalty, the mother of even an accused Keshavulu had said that they should be burnt and killed the way they treated the victim. She had said, “I have a daughter, too. I know the pain of the victim’s family.”

The families of the remaining accused equally demanded strict punishment of their kin.

The victim’s father had said on Tuesday, “The culprits should be punished as promptly as possible. Many laws were made but they are not being followed. Look at the Nirbhaya case itself. The culprits should be hanged.”

After the encounter, the father congratulated the Telangana government and said, “My baby girl has been dead for 10 days. My baby’s soul will now find peace. I congratulate the government of Telangana.”

Another image of the family of the vet with mourners from the Hyderabad film fraternity
Another image of the family of the vet with mourners from the Hyderabad film fraternity

Mohammed Arif, one of the accused in this heinous act, had kept the victim gagged during the act of monstrosity by his gang so that no one could hear her screams. The victim after failing to be heard pleaded for mercy for her life, to no avail. She probably died of asphyxiation before the criminals tried to obliterate the evidence by setting her body on fire, or so the media was told after the first day of the police investigation.

The police said it was a cold-blooded crime where the accused had planned to deflate the doctor’s scooter tyres to carry out the crime.

The police investigation, before their attempt at crime scene reconstruction, had revealed that during the gang rape, the accused feared the victim’s cries would draw the attention of passers-by and they would be caught. Arif, therefore, wrapped a piece of cloth around the victim’s mouth.

Upon further interrogation, the accused Arif, Naveen, Chintakunta Keshavulu and Shiva had revealed that they had set the victim’s body on fire after splashing kerosene on it rather than first killing her by other means and then disposing of the body with fire. Which means the victim had been burnt alive.


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