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India ‘Extremely problematic’ if you attack India again: America warns...

‘Extremely problematic’ if you attack India again: America warns Pakistan

A senior White House official said on Wednesday it is important that Pakistan take strict action against terror outfits like Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba


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[pullquote]In this post: 1. A White House official talks of Pakistani state’s complicity in terrorism using strong words
2. The United States is not happy with piecemeal measures by Pakistan such as arresting terrorists who are released in no time[/pullquote]

Washington, DC: The United States has issued a strong warning to Pakistan, if there is any further terrorist attack on India, that will spell big trouble for the sponsor of terrorism. While cautioning Pakistan, the US has made it clear that it will have to take concrete action on terrorist organisations.

While issuing a stern message to Pakistan, the US said that, in particular, Pakistan would have to take strong action against terrorist organisations like Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba.

A White House official in Washington said on Wednesday, in order to ensure that there is no tension in the India-Pakistan region, it is important that Pakistan take strict action against its terrorist groups, especially Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba. The US has said, if the situation worsens, it will be dangerous for both countries.

The White House official said to reporters, “We need to see Pakistan taking concrete and sustained action to rein in the terrorist groups, mainly the Jaish-e-Mohammed and the Lashkar-e-Taiba in order to ensure that we don’t have re-escalation (of tensions) in the region.”

“We need to see Pakistan taking concrete and sustained action to rein in the terrorist groups, mainly the Jaish-e-Mohammed and the Lashkar-e-Taiba in order to ensure that we don’t have re-escalation (of tensions) in the region.”

“If there’s any additional terrorist attack without Pakistan having made a sustained, sincere effort against these groups, it would be extremely problematic for Pakistan and it would cause re-escalation of tensions, which is dangerous for both countries,” he said.

Jaish-e-Mohammed is a terrorist organisation that targeted a convoy of CRPF personnel on 14 February in Pulwama of Jammu and Kashmir, claiming the lives of 40 jawans. After this attack, India conducted airstrikes on Pakistan’s Balakot, which is home to the training camps of Jaish, and demolished the terrorist bases present there.

India has handed evidence of the Jaish hand in the Pulwama attack to Pakistan.

The US official said that, in the last few days, Pakistan has taken some initial action, in which the properties of terrorist organisations have been seized and also terrorists have been arrested. The Pakistan administration has taken into its control some of the key areas of Jaish. “But we want to see more action,” the White House official said.

The United States has observed that Pakistan had taken measures like arrests of terrorists earlier, but these terrorists were later released. Even terror masters get permission to travel all over the country. In such a situation, Pakistan has to take some firm action now, the US observed.

When asked about the steps taken by Pakistan after the action of the IAF in Balakot, the White House official said that the US and the international community wanted to see if there were concrete and decisive action against terrorist organisations.

The official said, “It is too early to fully assess the steps taken by Pakistan. In recent days Pakistan has taken some early steps. For instance, the properties of some terrorist organisations have been seized and some have been arrested and some of Jaish’s hideouts have been seized by the administration. But apart from these steps, there is still a lot to be done by Pakistan.”

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