Every Opposition Party Facing Coup Cause For Concern

There is a need for strong opposition to keep the ruling elite in order, conforming to the written constitutional code


Telugu Desam Party chief N Chandrababu Naidu, whose marked mission has been taking Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s head for his unexplained hatred, acrimony and malice, has suffered a major coup at home while holidaying in London, in amplification of his severe electoral pain that saw him politically decimated in his native Andhra Pradesh. Four of his six Rajya Sabha MPs have jumped on to the speeding Modi bandwagon, impressed by his inclusive ‘sabka saath, sabka vikas, sabka vishwas” model of national progress and development. On Thursday, TDP MPs TG Venkatesh, YS Chowdary, GM Rao and Chief Minister Ramesh joined the BJP after submitting their resignations from the TDP to Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu. In their significant statement, the four MPs told Naidu that they were “inspired and encouraged by the impeccable leadership of Narendra Modi and hence were merging with the BJP”. Party president Amit Shah had “no objection to the merger of the TDP legislature party with the BJP”. This addition brings the number of BJP MPs in the Upper House to 75. Political analysts foresee more of such migrations from different opposition parties to the saffron party from almost all major regional outfits. Amit Shah has made it clear that the party will welcome any Rajya Sabha MP to the party, subject to his or her credentials.

National opposition elusive as State govts implode

The national opposition is unravelling as their governments in States implode.

This not only brings a lifetime’s shock to the TDP chief but also opens wide channels of debacle for the other opposition parties, especially those that presently govern or misgovern some States. If West Bengal, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan governments fall tomorrow, it will result from the inherent contradictions, factional fights and the endemic corruption that the Congress, Trinamool, and Janata Dal (S) leaders have been presiding over in these States ever since the four governments came to power, to the detriment of the people who were taken for a ride by their false and mischievous propaganda, nefariously let loose against the Modi regime that promised inclusiveness, equality, justice and fairness in governance and state deliveries.

To the chagrin of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, dozens of more Trinamool legislators are reportedly planning to join BJP “very soon”. They hate Banerjee for her policy of mounting criminal attacks on political opponents, pursuing minority appeasement and putting no barriers on cross-border infiltration.

In Rajasthan, Sachin Pilot is already building a formidable coterie to take on Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. In the midst of their internecine war, the shaky Gehlot government may eventually fall midway. A number of Congress MLAs are said to be considering going the Andhra way.

Opposition to one’s own govt: Rahul patronising Sidhu

A self-centred, arrogant, but noticeably spineless Congress leadership has given rise to factional fights in the party in every State. For instance, a morally beaten down Congress ‘president’ Rahul Gandhi is patronising an evil in Pakistan-guided dangerous brand Navjot Singh Sidhu, for harassing Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, who is the only Congress leader of substance in Punjab on whose strength the party came to power in the State in 2017.

A Congress leader says Amarinder is being grievously “tortured” by the Sonia-Rahul duo for the criticism that Amarinder obliquely subjected them to, in the run-up to the State elections. The chief minister is visibly feeling suffocated and may eventually decide either to form his own political outfit or finally join the saffron party.

Amarinder ‘not averse’ to Modi policies

It is significant that in the pre-poll environment, Amarinder took on the Badals and the State BJP leaders, but stopped short of questioning Prime Minister Modi’s outreach in expanding his party’s political space nationwide. This clearly implies that in the matter of developmental initiatives and people’s services, he appreciates the prime minister’s foresight and the application of bright ideas.

A senior BJP leader claims that Amarinder is “sick of and his despicable responses to the Prime Minister’s progressive policies.” Amarinder could not attend the recent Niti Aayog governing council due to a missive from the Gandhis which he apparently didn’t relish. He was forced to feign sickness as the reason for his personal absence. He had to depute his finance minister Manpreet Badal as his representative, clearly demonstrating that the event didn’t carry substance and deserved not to be attended by the chief minister.

By such nasty conduct, is not only attacking the constitutional principle of federalism but is also steadily alienating his party from the voting public. In his growing naivety, the Gandhi scion is yet to absorb the implications of such notoriously childish acts that verge on smut and absurdity.

Jyotiraditya pouncing on Kamal Nath

In Madhya Pradesh, a massive rebellion has broken out against Chief Minister Kamal Nath at the instance of Jyotiraditya Scindia, which may prove catastrophic for the Congress government. It is strange that ministers don’t want the chief minister’s “interference” in their departments. ‘Prince’ Scindia has sounded the bugle for knocking Kamal Nath down in one or two rounds, maybe, by July-end. How soon will the Congress MLAs leave the party as a group to support a BJP government is anybody’s guess at the moment. By any incisive calculation, the days of Kamal Nath regime now look numbered.

Even in Kerala, the Congress-led opposition alliance of UDF may undergo severe strain against the LDF government, with apparent inter-party negative pulls damaging the party. That means in State elections, the Congress may fare badly, quite unlike in the Lok Sabha election just gone by. The reason is that the party chief continues to be a political non-starter and a non-serious model, even after 14 years of induction in the party. That explains why he ran away from his family’s pocket borough Amethi in Uttar Pradesh and contested an easy Lok Sabha seat in minority-dominated Wayanad in Kerala. However, his departure to the south will not, in any way, strengthen the UDF in the State where polls are due in 2021.

Senior party leaders want Rahul’s ouster

The nation watched with disgust and revulsion, opposition leader playing with his cell phone as President Ram Nath Kovind spoke on his government’s projected development programmes in Parliament the other day or, earlier, when breaking protocol, he ‘embraced’ Modi in the chair in Lok Sabha in a funny moment and gave a contemptuously absurd wink on the camera.

This election has, however, proved that Rahul just remains a picture of vilification and slander. His ‘chowkidar chor hai’ jibe against Modi generated millions of chowkidars in the country. But he is not feeling ashamed either with the people’s outright rejection in the vote or with his senior partymen wanting his ouster as party chief. His humiliating defeat at the hustings has failed to change his body language. Sonia Gandhi, however, wants Rahul to continue as party chief.

People like Modi ‘correcting’ systems

Before the election, people thought that voting ‘mahagathbandhan’ to power will be a wastage of and national wherewithal, given that its too many drivers were visibly neck-deep in corruption, divisiveness and self-aggrandizement. They thought they would loot the nation if installed in power. But now, why is even a national party, called Congress, is tottering? Because, standing in front is a monolithic ruling saffron party that is cohesive, compact and people-friendly, with its leader Modi being wholly dedicated to national well-being. Naysayers may not like this, but Modi’s stature has grown multifold. That he has cut the opposition to size may be a cause for concern, given that there is a need for strong opposition to keep the ruling elite in order, conforming to the written constitutional code.

Over the last five years, Modi has also grown into a very popular international figure through his regime’s friendly foreign policy towards all right-thinking nations. He is pioneering a relentless global war against terror-producing rogue states. His government’s diplomatic initiatives have won even the Middle East Muslim countries. What, however, is needed for the prime minister to do now is to put pressure on the international community to fight a joint war against terrorist forces and take the nation’s GDP growth close to 9% in his second term.

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