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EPFO members, remember the 10th of every month

At the 'Nidhi Aapke Nikat' programme, members and pensioners can interact with the officials at the regional offices of the EPFO for solutions

If you are worried about some problem related to your provident fund, if you are unable to solve it online, do not be disappointed, the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has initiated a programme for your convenience. EPFO has launched a campaign ‘Nidhi Apke Nikat’ for its members and pensioners.

According to EPFO, the organisation will hold a Nidhi Aapka Nikat programme in every regional office on the 10th of every month. In this programme, you can find solutions to your doubts.

During the Nidhi Aapke Nikat programme, members of the organisation and pensioners can interact with the officials at the regional offices of EPFO ​​and share with them the issues. Officers will redress their grievances and inform them of the new initiatives.

The purpose of the EPFO program is to bring all the stakeholders on a common platform to exchange ideas between them and make them aware of the new initiatives being taken by the EPFO ​​besides grievance redress.

EPFO tweeted, “@socialepfo Participate in Nidhi Apke Nikat on 10th of every month (next working day in case of a holiday) to discuss your doubts and provide your feedback.”

According to the tweet by the organisation, though the programme will be organised on the 10th of every month, if there is a holiday on the date, the programme will be held on the next working day.

As of November 2019, the number of active members of EPFO ​​was more than 4.5 crore. The number of pensioners under the Employees Pension Scheme (EPS) was 65 lakh.

Just four days ago, the organisation had made its systems more user-friendly by launching the facility for provident fund account holders to enter or change the date of leaving the job online. Earlier, this could be done only by the employer.

The advantage of registering the date after leaving the job is that if you subsequently want to withdraw the amount deposited in the provident fund, there will be no problem. If the date is not recorded, you will be considered unemployed. One can be asked to pay tax on the interest earned in this period.

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