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Sunday 5 July 2020

Enhanced responsibilities for government observes in sports

New Delhi: With the objective of promotion of sports in the country, the Government of India has revised the guidelines for appointment of government observers for various sports disciplines.

The government observers will keep the government informed about fair play in the selection of teams, performance of teams at international level, training of sub-junior and junior level athletes and performance of Indian and foreign coaches. They will also study the infrastructural gaps at national coaching camps and play an important role in preparation of Annual Calendar of Training and Competitions (ACTC). In addition, they will provide technical advice to Sports Authority of India and will maintain data on individual athletes and coaches.

Initially, the government observers will be appointed for High Priority/Priority category sports disciplines. Each sports discipline will be provided 1 male and 1 female observers. Foreigners may also be considered for such appointment.

The government observers will be appointed through open advertisements. They will not be paid regular salary, but honorarium for their work which will be dependent on number of their visits to national coaching camps etc. – thus establishing a direct relationship between their work and payment.

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