Monday 18 October 2021
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English most sought after course in DU

The highest number of applications is for BA (Hons) English at 1,26,327 followed by BA Programme and BA (Hons) Political Science for which 1,05,818 and 1,05,590 applications have been received


New Delhi: English is the most sought-after subject among the applications received for the undergraduate (UG) courses at Delhi University (DU).

The highest number of applications is for BA (Hons) English at 1,26,32 followed by BA Programme and BA (Hons) Political Science for which 1,05,818 and 1,05,590 applications, respectively, have been received. While BA (Hons) Economics had 96,709 applicants.

The least number of applicants were for vocational courses— 49,378 applicants for BA(VOC) Tourism Management, followed by 53,207 for BA (VOC) Human Resource Management.

BA (Hons) Applied Psychology was the third least popular course which received 57,584 applicants. BA Programme of Non-Collegiate Women Board (NCWEB) accepted 93,720 applications. It is closely followed by BA (Hons) with 92,011 applications.

The B.Com and B.Com (NCWEB) have an almost equal number of applicants with 85,791 while 85,728 applications received, respectively.

The number of applications for BA (Hons) Journalism course is 79,831, 75,495 for BA (Hons) Psychology, 75,434 applications for BA (Hons) Geography and 75,102 for BA (Hons.) Sociology. The number of applications for BCom. (Hons.) froze at 74,921.

Among the traditional science courses, BSc (Honours) Mathematics has the highest number of applicants with 74,530 successful applications received for it. Next most sought out the course in the science stream is BSc (Hons.) Chemistry with 72,401 applications followed by 70,431 applications for BSc (Hons) Physics.

The online registration process for the undergraduate courses of DU for the current academic session started on 15 May and ended on 7 June. The registrations were made for the merit-based course and rest for the -based ones.

About 2,78,574 applications have been received successfully for the undergraduate programme of the university with 1,44,248 male applicants and 1,34,297 female applicants.

There are a number of courses for which one required to take an test, such as B.A. (Hons) Business Economics, Bachelor of Studies, B.Tech, Five years integrated journalism course, etc.

The university has, for now, announced a total of five cut-off lists which will be published on the centralised admission portal on 19 June, 25 June, 30 June, 6 July and 12 July.

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Supriya Kumari
Sub-editor with Sirf News; worked with The Pioneer, The Millennium Post and The Asian Age

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