Friday 27 May 2022
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Engagement of Siddharth, brother of Priyanka Chopra, does not lead to marriage once again

While Siddharth Chopra and Ishita Kumar have both shown clear signs of the break-up on social media, Madhu Chopra confirmed it

Mumbai: Priyanka Chopra’s brother Siddharth and his fiancée are not getting married, confirmed mother Madhu Chopra in an interview with a media house.

Ishita and Siddharth had had the Punjabi roka ceremony on 27 February. Priyanka Chopra had congratulated the would-be couple with a post on too while the going was good.

Siddharth ChopraThis marriage was to be held in April but, when the month passed by, tongues started wagging. It was being said that due to a surgery Ishita had undergone, the date of marriage was postponed. However, when Ishita’s photos were removed from Siddharth’s account, gossip about their separation started gathering steam.

Some reports claim that the families are looking for a new auspicious time for the marriage while some have attributed the delay to Ishita’s surgery. Ishita shared some pictures of her while she was admitted to a hospital.

This is not the first glitch for Siddharth. In October 2014, his proposed marriage with the then girlfriend, which was supposed to happen in February 2015, was called off.
Priyanka had come to Mumbai and was believed to have come to attend her brother’s wedding, but people were though surprised she returned to the US.

There were reports that Priyanka and Siddharth have unfollowed Ishita on Instagram.
Ishita’s conduct on was as cold. On Thursday, Ishita posted on Instagram a new photo showing her hanging out at a restaurant. The caption of the image read, “Cheers to new beginnings. With a goodbye kiss to beautiful endings.” Her parents’ comments were quite indicative.

Ishita’s mother Nidhi Kumar posted a comment, “Close the old book and write.” Her father wrote: “We are with you; Feel the expanse of the universe and be the star you were born to be.”

Ishita has now taken off the pictures of her bridal shower last month from her Instagram page.

Meanwhile, Madhu Chopra says that both of them got separated by mutual consent. Now they will not get married.

According to some reports, Ishita and Siddharth had been in the relationship at least for the past two years.

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