Thursday 22 April 2021
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End Of Halal Labelling In Sri Lanka Must Inspire India

The economics of halal is just a way of looting by Islamic forces of the non-Muslim economies of the world, which India is yet to realise


Sri Lanka does away with halal labelling on products with immediate effect. Only those products exported to Islamic countries will continue with it. The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) has issued this order in the ‘interest of peace’ and is ‘making a huge sacrifice’ in the interest of the nation! It is well known though that continued protests from nationalist Buddhist monks and their supporters is what has brought the radical Islamic clergy to its knees.

The question is why does India not learn from this. Why should we, all non-Muslims, be forced to buy food products that are produced in strict accordance with archaic Islamic rites? Why are there no protests here, why are we unable to control the advent of ‘halalonomics’ as a deep-seated conspiracy to make non-Muslims turn to Muslim ways, even if inadvertently? Is it so difficult to understand that this nasty design — to force alien religious diktats down our throats — is hand in glove with a dominance of world economy through halalonomics?

These Islamic organisations that certify products as such and the ones who supply them, not only heavily profit from it but, in turn, pay zakāt (religious tax) to Islamic charitable organisations. That money is then poured back to propagating the word of Islam all over the world. Hence, a vicious cycle that seeks to ruin the very fabric of humane tenets that intrinsically should strengthen our societies.

Did successive governments check the pulse of the people of this country to ascertain whether they were fine with this? What mandate gave them the right to choose the way we want to eat? And most importantly, does the common man even understand how the principle of halal which means ‘jāyaz’ or permissible has insidiously crept into our lives almost totally? In a ‘secular’ country, a word that is increasingly popular with the libtards, does this not seem a conspiracy to rule the state through religion? Which then should be against the very ethos of secularism?

Sri Lanka’s Muslim population is just under 10%. India’s is 18-19%, not much of a difference there. Yet complete apathy from all corners. Either we are a people who choose to stick our heads in the sand and wait for the storm to pass or we are completely delusional in not acknowledging that the storm is not going to, it’s going to take us all. Both, at the rate things are changing in this country.

Today, we have supposedly chosen to eat what they think is permissible, tomorrow it will be what we wear, next what we study,(which the Nehruvian brand has made sure that we have anyway), and finally as is their way to control the world- what we think. Do we really want to go the way France and England have, where Sharia law controls areas where women are not allowed to come out without the mandatory covering of burqas and hijabs? Never mind have no say in their lives or of their families? Where men reign supreme? Really, is this not occurring to anyone?

It is a point to ponder that the very people who sloganeer against the bursting of crackers on Diwali because street dogs and pets are traumatised by the noise are completely quiet at knowing full well that in abattoirs across this country halal meat is obtained by slitting the throats of an animal and leaving it to torturously bleed to death slowly and surely? Or is a fallacious dichotomy in both emotions the way we are made now?

A boycott of all things halal could be a way to save this country from complete subjugation, one way or the other. Not professing vegetarianism as a way of life for non-Muslims, society does have to adapt with time, but surely if one has to kill, is jhatka not a more humane, if it can be called that, way to do it?

To sum up, we haven’t moved very far from the past Muslim invasions, loot and plunder of our people. It continues to this day. Halalonomics is just another way of looting by Islamic forces of the non-Muslim economies of the world. Slowly but surely, Muslim traders and organisations will gain handsomely and non-Muslims will be relegated to finding other menial ways of earning their livelihood, if not eventual slavery by financial or other dominance. The fate of my country worries me.

Paavani Sinha
Paavani Sinha
Editorial consultant, Sirf News, commentator on social issues


  1. Idiocy unchained!!! If they can’t understand that ‘halal’ labelling is only for Muslims because it’s an Islamic commandment – no one is forcing anyone else to eat this – then they should get their heads out of their backsides. Who is asking you to eat Halal – is it compulsory? It’s like saying why should a product carry any certification of non veg/ veg also? Like the red dot/ green dot? So that those who want can indulge, and those who don’t can avoid it? Does it mean non vegetarian or vegetarians are forcing their choices upon us? Bloody ridiculous. In fact, for the Hindutva lobby, halal certification should be all the more helpful, just avoid that product. But don’t try to cloak your actual intentions – some of us CAN think for ourselves. And as an aside, look at the manufacturers of the halal meat products in India – nothing remotely Islamic about them. Big contributors to your ideological agenda. ??

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Paavani Sinha
Paavani Sinha
Editorial consultant, Sirf News, commentator on social issues


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