Saturday 31 October 2020

Elephant ‘bathes’ camel: Video goes viral

If people think the sight is as cool, it spreads social awareness for conservation of nature and wildlife. So, is anybody complaining?

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Anything cute is interesting, going by people’s preferences in the internet age. An elephant sprinkling water on a camel certainly qualifies. Twitter user Susanta Nanda IFS discovered the magic after posting the following video.

The tweet has so far got more than 3,500 likes and Twitter users are drooling over it with equally cute comments.

More than 40,000 people have watched the 11-second video that Nanda posted on Twitter yesterday. The elephant in it fills its trunk with water and sprays it on the camel in its enclosure in an attempt to keep the latter “cool”.

If people think the sight is as cool, it spreads social awareness for conservation of nature and wildlife. So, who’s complaining?

“Such a smart and caring animal! I hope they will stop being murdered, taken out of their natural homes for human entertainemt (zoo, circus etc) and otherwise cruely treated!” tweeted someone going by the name “Angle”.

“Animals are,far better in helping others even without a request,” wrote Dr Raju.

Suchita said, “Elephant bathing a camel. So cute! Thanks for sharing.”

“So cute! Does India have camels in the wild?” Rajashekar Sanga wanted to know.

“It’s playing with the camel,” opined PK.

“What an (sic) friendship!” exclaimed Raghu.

The forest officer has other ‘cute’ videos. Nanda is quite a rage on Twitter, with more than 82,500 followers. A tweet of a tigress with her cubs is pinned on top of his Twitter timeline. It was posted last year.

Nanda has posted other videos of a solo elephant here and another there besides videos of herds.

There is also a rare fishing cat in the lagoon of Chilika, Odisha.

Another video shows forest rangers releasing/rehabilitating a bird of prey in a jungle. The eagle first appears reluctant to go or unsure of what it must do. And then it takes a flight, and one can hear the onlookers applaud.

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