Sunday 26 June 2022
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Election Commission fixes size of flags and poles for campaigns

During the entire campaign, ministers cannot carry the national flag to district headquarters or parliamentary constituencies

Varanasi: During this Lok Sabha election, political parties will not be able to use pictures of military personnel in the promotional material, but the national flag can be used in rallies. However, it will have to follow other provisions including the National Flag Code. Besides, there are rules for carrying political parties’ flags.

The Election Commission (EC) has issued guidelines on the use and size of the national flag as well as the party flag in vehicles. Election Officer Surendra Singh said that, according to the instructions of the commission, during the entire election process, the ministers of the State and central governments will not be able to hoist the national flag in the district and parliamentary constituencies.

A flag of maximum 1 ft by 0.5 ft on two wheels and four-wheeled vehicles can be mounted on a pole of a maximum length of 3 ft.

Maximum three flags allowed in party office

The commission has allowed supporters’ homes and party offices to hoist up to three flags. Parties and candidates who need to display multiple flags will be allowed to hoist just one flag for every party and candidate. During a road show, it is necessary to have a distance of 100 m after every 10 vehicles.

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