Election Commission blocks release of Modi biopic

Earlier, while the Supreme Court had rejected a petition against the pre-election release of the film, it had left the decision to the Election Commission

election commission blocks Vivek Oberoi starrer

The Election Commission considers these films violative of the model code: NTR Lakshmi, PM Narendra Modi and Udyama Singham

Vivek Oberoi plays the role of Modi in PM Narendra Modi

The Supreme Court had on Tuesday rejected the petition relating to the release of the film

New Delhi: The Election Commission has blocked the pre-election release of the biopic on the prime minister, PM Narendra Modi. Earlier, the Supreme Court had rejected the petition relating to the release of the film.

The commission said that some parties had complained about such films under the model code of conduct, which would influence the image of a politician or a political party.

The commission said it included films NTR Lakshmi, PM Narendra Modi and Udyama Singham.

While the content in these films is creative, it may create unequal perceptions in the minds of voters about candidates and parties, which would be a violation of the code of conduct, the commission held.

Therefore, until the code of conduct is applicable, these films should not be exhibited in electronic media or cinema, the commission adjudged.

About a song in BJP’s election campaign

During the hearing, the petitioner’s lawyer and senior Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi had said that a song from the movie was being used in BJP’s election campaigning. There are some shots in the trailer that impact the voters. The ‘chowkidar‘ campaign was shown in it too.

On this, the Supreme Court had said that it could not be concluded from a two-minute trailer whether it could affect the voters.

Supreme Court had left decision to Election Commission

The top court had said that the censor board had not yet certified the film. Watching the film is the job of that department. If this is a problem in the Lok Sabha election, the Election Commission would decide on it.

The release of PM Narendra Modi was first slated for 5 April. However, after the dispute, it was extended till the 11th. Vivek Oberoi plays Modi in this movie.


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