Eid crowd molests girls in Boko dance group

At what was supposed to be a cultural programme following Eid, the audience tried to disrobe the girls of the Rainbow dance group of Boko


Chaygaon: Arup Doloi, head of a Boko dance troupe, has alleged that revellers at an Eid event had tried to strip the girls in his group in this town in the Kamrup district of Assam.

In the evening of 7 June, according to Doloi, the Rainbow Dance Crew of Boko, Guwahati, was invited to a ticketed Eid event at a remote place of Boko.

The organiser of the event was one Kuddus Ali. Sources say the troupe had agreed to perform for a fee of Rs 37,000.

The group comprised 42 members including 6 tribal girls. Once what was supposed to be a cultural programme started, the audience demanded that the girls do some erotic dance. Demands to strip followed.

The dance group was dumbfounded on getting such requests. They protested vehemently. Their protests were ignored.

Doloi, the leader of the dance crew, tried to contact the police. By the time the police arrived, the crowd had gone berserk. Some of them tried pulling down the clothes of the girls in the troupe.

At last, Doloi decided to run away from the venue to save their lives. When they ran, the organisers and the crowd chased them. The mob threw axes at them. Luckily, they managed to get into their vehicle and finally take refuge at the Boko Police Station.

On 8 June in the afternoon, Arup Doloi filed an FIR. The police are taking testimonies of all the 42 dance troupe members.

No arrest has been made so far.

A video of a performance by Doloi’s group last year: