Saturday 21 May 2022
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EC imposes expense limit and more on candidates

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Kanpur: The Election Commission (EC) has set the upper limit for cash donation as Rs 20,000. Beyond this, the candidates will accept donations by cash alone. Further, if anyone gets a donation of more than Rs 1,00,000, they must declare the source of the money to the EC in writing.

The EC has also given instructions not to send bulk SMS without permission. If a candidate or a party is found violating this rule, the EC will proceed against the defaulter as per rules. Before sending the SMS, the Additional Magistrate (Finance & Revenue) of the area will vet the contents of the SMS. How much money is spent in sending the messages must be specified, too.

The EC has additionally set a limit to the number of vehicles a politician or star campaigner shall be allowed. A maximum of 3 vehicles can accompany him/her. Also, each vehicle is allowed to carry only one flag, and the height of flag is not to be more than 3 ft. A separate permission will be required for a carrying a video van.

ECIn a related development, the Election Commission has issued strict instructions to candidates not to solicit votes on the basis of religion, sect or language. If a candidate or party is found doing so, they will face action. Even the Supreme Court will monitor the nature of these campaigns this time.

A candidate cannot spend more than Rs 28 lakh in the campaign. If the person is found to have paid for some ‘news’ that favours him or his party, the expense thereof will be added to the other expenses of the campaign he has declared.

The other necessary instructions given by the EC to candidates regarding road shows are passed in public interest. A road show will not be permitted during the rush hours. Also, at the time of the road show, routine vehicular traffic will be allowed to pass through the other half of the road. Between every 10 campaign vehicles, there will be a mandatory distance of 200 m. The loudspeakers’ volume will be in accordance with permissible levels of noise pollution. Besides this, the representatives are not allowed to use loudspeakers between 10 PM – 6 AM.

The people’s representatives will also be required to submit a report of the number of vehicles in roadshows and obtain permission from Election Commission. Thereafter, they will also submit the detailed reports of spent and fares charged by rickshaw pullers.

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