Sunday 11 April 2021
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PoliticsIndiaDYFI cadre assault police in Kolkata after death of activist

DYFI cadre assault police in Kolkata after death of activist

The morgue witnessed CPM's youth union DYFI's call for a movement by 10 affiliated organisations, and then began their scuffle with the cops

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After DYFI activist Maidul Islam Midya, who was injured when police stopped the CPM youth union’s march towards Nabanna, died at a nursing home this morning, the cadres of the union, as well as those of the SFI, got hold of a cop of Kolkata Police and thrashed him in what looked like a well-planned retributive move. Once the 31-year old Maidul Islam died, the communists had alleged that blows of police batons during their “Nabanna operation” had caused the death.

According to the nursing home sources, the police assault on the communists was so brutal that the DYFI activist was passing his blood through the urine. “He had never really recovered from the police assault,” a DYFI activist told Sirf News, adding that his condition kept deteriorating until he died.

Upon receiving the news of the death, DYFI leader Kalatan Dasgupta said this was an “incident like Jallianwala Bagh”. “One has to pay with his life on demanding employment under the Mamata Banerjee regime,” he said, reminding the press that their march to Nabanna, the chief minister’s office, was about unemployment in Bengal.

Sujan Chakraborty of the CPM said, “It is a murder. The boy from Bankura village came to ask for a job. He was beaten on the chest and back. The (state) government has crossed all limits. It is a murderous government. There is no chance it will listen to the people.”

Meanwhile, as the mother of Maidul Islam Midya mourned his death at their house in the Kotulpur CD block in the Bishnupur subdivision of District Bankura, lamenting that his auto-rickshaw driver son was the sole breadwinner in the family comprising his four wives, a son and the widowed mother, the communists mourning outside the house kept swelling in numbers, seeking revenge.

But before things went out of control, condemnations of the police action poured in. Leader of the INC in the parliament Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury held Mamata Banerjee and her administration responsible for the death. “Barbaric incident! I condemn it,” he said. The INC has allied with the communists for this West Bengal election, rejecting the call by the TMC to fight the BJP together.

“Left activist Maidul was brutally killed,” said Abdul Mannan

Even as the authority announced that the autopsy of the dead DYFI worker will be recorded, with three doctors performing the post-mortem in the presence of the police officer in charge of homicides, DYFI workers protested in front of the morgue. Maidul Islam Midya’s brother arrived shortly after the communists began their demonstration.

The morgue witnessed the communists led by the DYFI give a call for a movement by 10 affiliated organisations. And then began a police-DYFI scuffle. The crowd of communists, now sizeable, cornered a policeman and beat him to a pulp.

Fearing worse, the cop took refuge in a nearby restaurant, with his blood-soaked uniform in tatters. Undeterred by the gory sight, the communists menacingly approached the eatery and demanded that the policeman be handed over to them as some onlookers tried to save the man in uniform.

At the CMO, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said, “Any death is tragic. I spoke to Sujan Chakraborty on the phone in the morning. The activist was admitted to the hospital three days ago but the family and the police were not informed why.” She added, “We are ready to provide financial assistance and jobs to the family.”

Video courtesy: 24 Ghanta

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