Saturday 27 November 2021
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Durga convenient target of denigration for communists, religions hostile to Hinduism

Not only every year during the autumnal festival of Durga Puja of Bengalis and Navaratri in northern India but throughout the year, certain groups — namely communists, Muslims, Christians, followers of BR Ambedkar and fans of Periyar — target the faith, calling Mother Goddess names. If the desecration of a Durga murti in Faridpur of Bangladesh this week is considered a foreign affair, celebration of Mahishasura by Ambedkarites supported by Christians is a regular affair in India. Should believers take it lying down in the name of freedom of expression?

How do characters from the tradition, which leftists, who claim to be atheists too, turn conveniently into Dalits and Brahmins? How does a goddess, who the communists say does not exist or never existed, be a prostitute to them?

Do Adivasis and certain castes really revere Mahishasura and Ravana? Are their gods and demons the same as those of Hindus? If yes, how can the leftists call Scheduled Tribes otherwise non-Hindu? If no, how can Mahishasura or be tribal gods?

Participating in today’s bilingual debate hosted by Sirf News and Satyanveshi Bharat, known voice of dharma Nithin Sridhar explained the motive of the attackers. Journalist Kumar Shri Kant explained how communists on the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University waylay fresh students and indoctrinate them. ‘Save Bengal’ activist Raj Lahiri exposed the design of anti- forces. SablokTantra founder Rachit Kaushik highlighted the irony of the leftist exercise.

Another activist from Bengal Rakhi Mitra questioned Suhel Dev Party’s Jainendra Arkvanshi who upheld everybody’s right to freedom of expression and called the topic a “BJP propaganda to win elections”.

HR professional Niharika Misra did not agree with Jainendra Arkvanshi either, insisting that Hindus fight for fair treatment in society.

Gaming software maker Saurabh Pratap Ojha described how difficult it is to keep one’s job once an employee speaks for Hindus.

Diptasya Jash, associated with the RSS and BJP, narrated his plight, adding how the leftists, including members and supporters of TMC, have been hounding him and getting him banned from social media platforms. He explained how Durga is a part of the Dalit pantheon in Bengal.

The debate heated up in the crossfire between mutually differing views time and again. The show was concluded with a quote of Sri Aurobindo.

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