Friday 27 May 2022
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Drug that Rhea had administered to Sushant: Cannabidiol oil

While the Narcotics Control Bureau is expected to file a case against Rhea Chakraborty for administering cannabidiol oil (CBD) to Sushant Singh Rajput, the late actor’s friend Ankit Acharya told a national television channel that he never saw the late actor taking drugs. “I have never seen Sushant taking any drug when I was with him. He was very much concerned about his health,” Ankit said on Times Now.

Reacting to the drugs angle, Sushant Singh Rajput’s family lawyer, senior advocate Vikas Singh, said, “We had said in the that Sushant was being over drugged but what we meant then was a prescription drug.”

“In our FIR, we were under the impression that he was being over drugged and that this was some drug administered by a doctor or psychiatrist but now after this revelation, it looks like that those were not prescribed drugs. He was given hard drugs, banned drugs. Sushant’s family’s contention right from the beginning is that there was an attempt to control his mind and for that purpose, all this was being done,” he said.

“But, now as disclosed by some reports that it was a banned drug. If it’s a banned drug, then it will lead to abetment to suicide and murder. There’ll be a Narcotics Control Bureau issue too. Scope of proceedings will widen substantially,” he added.

“If you have a mental issue and you are prescribed drugs and are given an overdose of that, we thought that was happening because we were all kept in the dark. We didn’t know what all was being said to him but now this looks like hard drugs,” the lawyer said.

“This is actually the drug in the normal sense that we understand. This has got the narcotics angle as well, definitely proves abetment to suicide more convincingly; it is definitely a step in that direction to prove abetment to suicide or even murder,” Vikas Singh said.

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