Monday 20 September 2021
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Drivers of Sachin Vaze sing before NIA

In the latest in the Sachin Vaze scandal, reporters have accessed exclusive details of the NIA probe in the Antilia terror case

In the latest in the scandal involving disgraced Sachin Vaze, some details of the National Investigation Agency’s (NIA) probe into the Antilia terror threat and the of businessman Mansukh Hiren have leaked. These were the basis of Mumbai Police’s API Sachin Vaze’s arrest. Sources said that the NIA questioned Sachin Vaze’s drivers about the whereabouts of the suspended API when a gelatin sticks-laden car was parked near Mukesh Ambani’s house and when Mansukh Hiren was murdered.

The drivers have reportedly admitted that Sachin Vaze was driving the green Scorpio car that was found outside Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani’s residence in South Mumbai on 25 February.

The drivers allegedly confessed to the NIA that they had handed over the green Scorpio to Sachin Vaze on 17 February. The leaked footage shows a white Innova, believed to have tailed the green Scorpio that was parked outside Antilia on 25 February, was parked at the Mumbai Police headquarters on the same day.

Another driver working for Sachin Vaze had reportedly changed the number plates of the Innova and reportedly parked the vehicle at the Mumbai Police headquarters.

Meanwhile, the Crime Intelligence Unit (CIU) aide of Sachin Vaze, the now- API Riyaz Kazi, was sent to NIA till 16 April after the agency arrested him on 11 April. The NIA says that Kazi was working on Vaze’s behest and that he has destroyed evidence, as Vaze has confessed.

Seeking a 10-day remand, the NIA argued in the court that they needed to interrogate Kazi for his role in both the Antilia bomb scare and the Mansukh Hiren death case. The NIA summoned and interrogated former encounter cop Pradeep Sharma on multiple occasions to investigate his connection with Sachin Vaze and his role in the two cases.

The NIA has seized eight different vehicles which were allegedly used by Sachin Vaze for various reasons surrounding the period of the incident. These include the aforementioned green Scorpio and white Innova, two Mercedez Benz cars, a Land Cruiser Prado, a black Volvo, and a white Mitsubishi Outlander, with the last being the only one that is owned by Vaze, though he used all the others in some way or the other. Besides tracing the bike, the NIA has also recovered other important documents related to arrested inspector Sachin Vaze, sources said on 12 April. 

Sachin Vaze was taken to the Mithi river on 28 March from where the NIA and the divers recovered the contents of his CIU office, including computers, hard disks, a printer, two identical fake number plates, DDRs and more.

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