Wednesday 1 February 2023
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PoliticsIndiaDRDO to Chidambaram: Mission Shakti couldn't have been conducted secretly

DRDO to Chidambaram: Mission Shakti couldn’t have been conducted secretly

Head of DRDO Satish Reddy was responding to Chidambaram who had opined it was stupid of the government to reveal India's capability of destroying satellites

New Delhi: Head of Satish Reddy, while reacting to a statement of Congress leader P Chidambaram, said on Saturday that the of Mission Shakti was such that it could not be kept confidential. Because the satellite is tracked by many stations around the world, the chief explained. Reddy said further that all necessary approvals for this mission were taken.

Chidambaram, while targeting the Modi government, had said that India had had the ability to hit a satellite for many years. A sensible government, he said, would keep this capability of the country a secret. A goofy government alone discloses the country’s defence capability.

The chief said that space was an important aspect of the military sector. When a country like India did such a practice and identified the target in space and destroyed it, it showed the country was capable of carrying out such operations. The DRDO chief said further that the best form of defence was showing one’s deterrent power.

According to the chief, the debris of the satellite destroyed in space would get destroyed in 45 days. He said that the country had demonstrated its defence capability by dismantling the satellite in space from the ground. It is also very important for the defence sector, he said.

The chief, speaking on the concerns of American space agency NASA about the debris of satellite targeted by anti-satellite missiles, said that the debris would get destroyed within a few weeks. This will not cause a problem for any other satellite in space, he assured. Immediately after the trial, the debris was caught on Indian radars. More techniques are available to monitor these pieces, Reddy informed.

India destroyed one of its satellites using an anti-satellite missile while demonstrating its potential in space from space last week. Indian scientists had conducted this complex technical test in just three minutes. Over the last six months, 300 scientists had been working on this project.

NASA said about this mission that India’s anti-satellite missile has made 400 pieces of its target.

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