Friday 28 January 2022
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Dow Jones opens 1124 points higher; markets across the world boom

A higher Dow Jones opening, along with better performance in markets worldwide, a result of US Federal Bank's unlimited bond purchase offer

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US markets closed with a fall on Monday and opened sharply on Tuesday. The Dow Jones opened up 1,124 points, up 6.05%. Similarly, other US markets Nasdaq gained 5.10% to 349 points and S&P rose 5.14% to 114 points. The Dow Jones traded at 19,716, Nasdaq 7,210 and S&P 2,352 when the market opened.

In other markets of the world, almost all the markets were seen rising on Tuesday. Japan’s Nikkei finished with a gain of 1189 points while China’s Shanghai Composite closed up 62 points and South Korea’s Kospi gained 127 points, but there were major fluctuations in the Indian market.

The Dow Jones closed at 18,591 on Monday with a fall of 518 points. While the Nasdaq declined by 18 points and the S&P 500 by 67 points. The Nasdaq closed at 6,860 while the S&P closed at 2237 points.

Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P, Nikkei rise

8:00 PM update

The Dow Jones is up 1459 points and is trading at 20051, up 7.85%.

Nasdaq is up 431 points to trade at 6.29% and is trading at 7292.

The S&P is up 154 ​​points with a gain of 6.89% and is trading at 2391.

7:00 PM update

As soon as the market opened at 7 o’clock, all the markets in America were booming

To support the economy, the US Federal Reserve announced an unlimited bond purchase programme. According to experts, investors’ sentiment in Asia improved due to the possibility of increased demand in the US.

This comprehensive package is unprecedented for Wall Street and other stock markets, and the message is that the world’s largest central bank will do what it can to reduce the economic crisis. Other central banks are expected to take such bold measures to ease the stress of debt and financial markets.

Sensex, BSE fluctuate, go down

The Indian stock market opened with a gain of 1414 points on Tuesday. Sensex opened up 5.58% or 1450.71 points and Nifty 4.91% or 373.35 points. After the first 45 minutes, the market started to have mild fluctuations. After 35 minutes the market started climbing again, which remained in the lead till the market closed.

Sensex gained 692.79 points or 2.67% to 26,674.03 and Nifty gained 190.80 points or 2.51% to finish at 7,801.05. Earlier, the Sensex fell 3934.72 points to close at 25,981.24 and the Nifty closed 1,135.20 points down at 7,610.25 at the end of trading on Monday. This is the biggest drop in Sensex history.

55% of BSE stocks fall

  1. BSE’s market cap stood at Rs 103 lakh crore
  2. Shares of 2,413 companies were traded. In this, shares of 927 companies rose and 1,334 companies declined
  3. Shares of 10 companies remained at one-year highs and shares of 1,081 companies were at one-year lows
  4. Upper Circuit shares in 83 companies and 469 companies

BSE metal sector up 2.32%

Among the 10 companies in the BSE metal sector, 9 companies saw a gain of up to 2.32%. The biggest gain was in National Aluminum Company Limited. Its shares gained 2.32%. At the same time, Jindal Steel shares rose 2.09%. The lowest gain was in the stock of Tata Steel by 0.22%.

BSE auto sector gains

On Monday, March 23, there was a tremendous decline in the auto sector, but today the auto sector saw an increase. Its 16 sectors saw an increase in 10 and a decline in 6. The maximum gain was 7.48% in Maruti’s stock. At the same time, shares of Motherson Sumi System also gained 5.71%. With this, shares of companies like Eicher Motors, Apollo Tire, Bajaj Auto also saw an uptick.

Loss of 14.22 lakh crores on Monday

Investors lost more than Rs 10 lakh crore of assets during the first hour of trading in the stock market on Monday. During this period, the market witnessed heavy selling and major indices broke more than 10%. Investors now incurred a loss of 14 .22 lakh crore on Monday. At the same time, 42.46 lakh crores of investors have sunk in March.

Mukesh Ambani no longer on list of world’s richest

The financial crisis in the country is getting deeper due to coronavirus. This has also affected the stock market.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, India’s top 14 billionaires have lost nearly Rs 4 lakh crore during this period. Mukesh Ambani has also been out of the top 20 list of world’s richest people.

Coronavirus has so far sunk Indian investors in the equity market at half the size of India’s gross domestic product (GDP). The total market of all listed shares of BSE has come down to Rs 52 lakh crore in 3 months. This was Rs 155.53 lakh crore as on 31 December 2019, which stood at Rs 103 lakh crore by 23 March 2020. This deficit is seven times the revised fiscal deficit of India’s fiscal year 2020.

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