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Don’t be misinformed about Asthma: Pulmonary medicine expert

One of the challenges in controlling asthma is the patient’s tendency to stop the medication when he experiences a little relief

New Delhi: In the wake of rising asthma cases in the country, especially in the capital city, medical experts issued an appeal on Friday to spread awareness about the condition. They also urged for the eradication of myths and fears related to respiratory treatment.

Dr Anant Mohan, head of pulmonary medicine department of the AIIMS, said that the number of patients suffering from the disease in India has gone up to one-and-a-half million. Until there is stress on the identification of the right drug, he said, this number would continue to increase. Asthma can be treated effectively by identifying the correct drug.

A large number of people worldwide suffer from this disease. According to the WHO, 10 to 15 million people in the world are in the grip of this disease.

There are several reasons for the acquisition of this disease: increasing air pollution that increases the number of particles floating in the air, smoking, not being treated properly in childhood and viral infection at a very young age.

Emphasising the right treatment and awareness, Dr Mohan said that there was a need to change the perception about asthma and respiratory treatment. He said the respiratory treatment could play an important role in reducing the effect of asthma in people’s lives. It is important to follow the regime. The medication taken via respiration provides relief in the cases where symptoms have surfaced. It regulates asthma by controlling the deteriorating condition, but if the patients take medicine by the advice of physicians, they will benefit from it, the expert added.

The second challenge in the way of controlling asthma is stopping the medication when the patient experiences a little relief. Unfortunately, in such a situation, the condition of the disease can worsen and the symptoms can get intensified.

Experts recommend that the patient should meet the doctor before the drug is stopped because usually, an asthma treatment lasts long.

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