Thursday 20 January 2022
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Discoms to compensate consumers for unscheduled power cuts in Delhi

With the LG's approval, Delhi will become the first city in the country to have a policy to compensate consumers for unscheduled outages

New Delhi: In a good news for Delhi residents, a policy that will make power discoms pay compensation to consumers for unscheduled power cuts was approved by Lt Governor Anil Baijal today.


The policy says that the discom will have to restore power within an hour of an unscheduled cut, failing which it will have to pay each consumer ₹50 per hour for the first two hours and then ₹100 per hour for each subsequent hour.

Once a day, discoms will be given exemption from penalty for the first one hour. In case of recurrent cuts for the same consumer on the same day, the penalty will accrue from the beginning of the unscheduled cut.

The proposal to compensate consumers for unscheduled outages by power discoms in the national capital was approved by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday and was sent for the L-G’s approval.

“Approved proposal for issue of policy directions regarding payment of compensation to consumers in case of power failure,” Baijal tweeted today.

With the LG’s approval, Delhi will become the first city in the country to have a policy to compensate consumers for unscheduled outages.

There are three private power discoms including the BSES companies BYPL and BRPL, and the Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL) that supply power to the city, barring areas under the New Delhi Municipal Council and the Delhi Cantonment.

The compensation earned by the consumers will be adjusted against their monthly power bill.

In case, the compensation is not paid by the discoms, the consumers can lodge a complaint with the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Authority (DERC).

The amount of compensation in such cases will be Rs 5,000 or five times of the compensation payable, whichever is higher, said the statement.

The affected consumers will be required to file a “no current” complaint through SMS, email, telephone, mobile apps or official websites of discoms, giving their particulars such as name, consumer account (CA) number, mobile number.

The discoms will attend to the complaint and will send a confirmation message to consumers with the date and time of restoration, the statement said.

It said that after the permissible time limit ends, the respective compensation amount will be automatically credited to the CA number without any manual intervention and a message will be sent to the consumer.

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