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Dilshad masquerades as Amit, courts Priya, kills her & daughter


Meerut: A man from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, named Dilshad killed a woman named Priya and her daughter in yet another sinister case of love jihad. Simultaneously, both the dead bodies were buried in their house. The police have recovered the corpses and arrested Dilshad.

Priya, hailing from Ghaziabad, had married Rajiv, a resident of Khanjarpur in Modinagar, 12 years ago. After 2 years, they got divorced. In 2013 a young man who said he was Amit Gurjar befriended Priya. The friendship turned into ‘love’.

On the call of ‘Amit’, Priya went to see him in Meerut with her two-year-old daughter about five years into the relationship. But then, Priya came to know of a truth that devastated her life. This ‘Amit Gurjar’ turned out to be a Dilshad. The revelation about her lover shocked Priya.

Meanwhile, Priya and her daughter went missing. When the police traced their story, they learnt about the character called Dilshad, arrested him and questioned him in custody.

Dilshad tried to dodge. The cops were but suspecting already something untoward had happened. Multiple police teams began chasing every hunt or clue under the leadership of the CO to get to the bottom of the case. Priya’s story unfolded gradually.

Priya had been living with a Chanchal Chaudhary of Modinagar since 2010. She worked at a beauty parlour in the town. Masquerading as Amit Gurjar. Dilshad befriended her on Facebook during those days.

‘Amit’ invited Priya to Meerut, saying he’d like to marry her. They did live together for a while — at the Kanshi Ram residential colony. Now, Priya did not snap her talks with Chanchal. She would call him up off and on over the phone. Chanchal thus knew what was happening with his acquaintance in Meerut.

Dilshad, a resident of Bhud Baral located in Partapur, avoided taking Priya to his house initially. Two years ago, Priya came to know this guy was a Muslim. A fierce dispute ensued.

Dilshad had hidden not only his Muslim identity but also the fact that he was married.

Priya filed a case of rape at the Kharkhoda police station in 2018. Meerut SSP Ajay Sahni said, however, the two called a truce in some time.

Dilshad, on the other hand, alleged that Priya was extorting money from him since the case began.

Chanchal had filed a complaint in this case on 15 April at the Paratapur police station. It alleged the police agreed to lodge the complaint only when the Bajrang Dal and raised the issue with the SSP. Hinduist activists called it a case of love jihad.

Chanchal said that the last conversation between Priya and him had taken place on 28 March. When Chanchal called Dilshad, the latter claimed that Priya had gone somewhere that he had no clue about.

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