Wednesday 29 June 2022
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Dilip Ghosh: Hindus must use weapons to protect women

Earlier, Dilip Ghosh had asked his BJP cadre to arm themselves with sticks and give it back to the Trinamool cadre if it comes to it

In a controversial statement amid the intensifying poll campaign in West Bengal, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh appealed to Hindu youths to take up arms for protecting the dignity of women. Addressing a gathering at an event of Hindu Jagran Manch in Paschim Medinipur, Dilip Ghosh said that the Constitution of India permitted the usage of weapons to protect religious faiths. Reiterating his stance, the Medinipur MP said that the BJP cadres should be ready to take revenge if TMC attacks them.

“Lord Ram had taken arms at a very young age. To protect the dignity of our mothers and sisters, the Hindu youths need to be united. If need be, they should take up weapons. The Constitution has given us the right. To take up arms in protection of our religion, pride and life is not illegal. We’ll do exactly that. Take the revenge first, then go to the police station,” Ghosh said.

Earlier, a video of BJP chief Dilip Ghosh was doing rounds in which he is heard saying, “Can cut their hand, can cut their ears. I can crush them under my vehicle. My one call and they will never see their sons and daughters again. I have given them ultimatum till December, from January we will begin the work of bringing them to right path.” It is unclear when were these comments made by Dilip Ghosh and in which context.

Ghosh had then said that “revenge” will be exacted. “Badal-o hobe, bodlao hobe (We shall change and we shall take revenge as well). Everything will be returned with interest,” Ghosh wrote in Bengali on Facebook.

While the BJP has chalked out a massive plan for the upcoming West Bengal Assembly polls which includes Home Minister Amit Shah visiting the state every month till the elections, Trinamool has already begun its outreach programme highlighting the welfare schemes of the Mamata Banerjee government.

The TMC has roped in former VP and polls strategist Prashant Kishor for Mamata’s re-election while the BJP’s campaign is being headed by senior leader Kailash Vijayvargiya, under the leadership of BJP chief JP Nadda.

Violence has already started in the state ahead of polls, with alleged TMC goons even attacking Nadda while he was on a two-day visit to the state. Earlier, Dilip Ghosh had asked his BJP cadre to arm themselves with sticks and give it back to the Trinamool cadre if it comes to it.

But even before the election season began, Bengal, arguably the most politically violent state outside states hit by insurgency, saw Muslim mobs attacking Hindus across suburbs that surround the state capital Kolkata. And during the run-up to the panchayat election, rivals of the TMC were not even allowed to file their nomination papers.

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