Tuesday 24 May 2022
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Digvijaya Singh posts misrepresenting photo of saffron flag atop mosque

While the INC politician deleted the photo from his Twitter timeline after CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan pointed out it was fake, the Madhya Pradesh government is contemplating legal action

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Indian National Congress (INC) politician Digvijaya Singh, who has an unenviable record for making provocative statements containing false assertions, tweeted a photo of Bihar, passing it off as one of Khargone, Madhya Pradesh, where Muslims had attacked a procession of Ram Navami. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan called the misrepresentation a conspiracy to incite communal riots.

The government is exploring avenues to take legal action against Singh. Madhya Pradesh Home Minister said that legal are being consulted for further action against the INC politician.

This morning, Digvijaya Singh had tweeted a photo of some people trying to hoist a saffron flag on a wall of a mosque, saying that the incident occurred in Khargone. He asked whether it was appropriate to put one’s flag at a place of worship of a different religion, intimidating the target with swords and sticks.

“Was the Khargone administration allowed to take out a procession with men carrying arms? Will bulldozers run over the homes of all those who throw stones, irrespective of religion? Don’t forget Shivraj ji, you have taken an oath to run the government impartially,” Digvijaya Singh had written in Hindi.

When Digvijaya Singh got trolled for the wrong photo, he deleted the tweet.

After the incident of stone-pelting on Ram Navami processions in Khargone and Badwani of Madhya Pradesh, the government is taking strict action against the rioters. Yesterday, Chouhan did a Yogi Adityanath by razing to the ground illegally built houses of several Muslims of the area where the communal clashes occurred.

The Madhya Pradesh home minister said, “Digvijaya Singh made a wrong tweet and spread confusion. Later he deleted the tweet. Digvijaya Singh has defamed Madhya Pradesh as usual. He has been working to spread communal tension by tweeting like this.”

“We are taking the opinion of so that legal action can be taken against him,” Mishra said.

Chouhan tweeted that Singh had earlier tweeted that the photo of a youth hoisting the saffron flag at a mosque was not from Madhya Pradesh. “This tweet of Digvijaya Singh is a conspiracy to spread religious hysteria in the and it is a conspiracy to incite communal riots, which will not be tolerated.”

Rameshwar Sharma exulted after the administration razed the illegal constructions in Muslim-dominated areas, saying, “This is the strength of Mama ji‘s (a popular epithet of Chouhan) bulldozer. The action was taken against the jihadis of Khargone but it inflicted pain on Digvijaya Singh’s heart. You will not be able to sleep through the night; your mind will be very upset, and so you posted this fake photo.”

“Houses from where stones and petrol bombs are recovered will be razed,” Sharma said.

BJP spokesman Ashish Aggarwal said that Digvijaya Singh had always been known for politics of appeasement. “If there is any leader in this country who calls Hindus terrorists, it is Digvijaya Singh. When a terrorist attack happens in Mumbai, instead of Isis, he blames the RSS,” the spokesman said.

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