Monday 18 October 2021
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Digital India’s brand ambassadors


New Delhi — In the last few days, some reports have indicated that a Digital India brand ambassador has been appointed. Here is the accurate description of the same. As part of the Digital India week, 1 -7 July, the following four brand ambassadors were nominated for a period of one year to propagate the product and applications being launched by the department under Digital India Programme.

(clockwise from top left) Satwat Jagwani, Krati Tiwari, Pranav Mistry and Ankit Fadia
(Clockwise from top left) Satwat Jagwani, Krati Tiwari, Pranav Mistry and Ankit Fadia
  • Satwat Jagwani, All India -JEE — Advanced Topper, 2015, student
  • Krati Tiwari, All India -JEE — Advanced Topper, 2015, student
  • Ankit Fadia, author and ‘ethical hacker’
  • Pranav Mistry, Samsung USA, scientist, author of 6th Sense

No other person has been appointed as a brand ambassador for Digital India.

The services of these brand ambassadors will be used, as and when required, for generating mass awareness for the programme.

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