Saturday 10 December 2022
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CrimeDGP Jammu and Kashmir killed by Muslim housekeeper at friend's place

DGP Jammu and Kashmir killed by Muslim housekeeper at friend’s place

Jammu and Kashmir Director General of Police (Prisons) Hemant Kumar Lohia's body was found late last night at his friend's house in Udaywala under suspicious circumstances. A preliminary suggests Lohia's throat was slit with a sharp weapon. A housekeeper Yaser, employed at the place of a family friend of the DGP, is the suspect.

The murderer tried to burn the dead body. Housekeeper Yaser is absconding.

The police continued to look for leads late into the night. Meanwhile, Lohia's body was moved to the Government Medical College (GMC) Hospital in Jammu.

PAFF takes responsibility of eliminating

After the murder, self-styled People's Anti-Fascist Front (PAFF), a terror outfit, claimed responsibility for the this morning. "We can hit such high-profile targets anytime and anywhere. This is our small gift to the home minister (Amit Shah) who is visiting Jammu and Kashmir," the PAFF statement read. 

Union Home Minister is in Jammu and Kashmir on a three-day visit.

The house where the officer was murdered belongs to Sanjeev Khajuria, an old friend of DG Jail Lohia. There were family ties between the two. Lohia had arrived with his official security detail. He was resting after dinner in the presence of two servants in the house: Mohinder and Yaser. Lohia had asked Yaser to massage his feet. 

Suddenly, Mohinder heard Lohia scream. When he rushed to the room, he saw it had been set on fire.

Director-General of Police Dilbagh Singh termed the incident as "very unfortunate" and told reporters that a search operation had been launched to catch the absconding domestic help. Singh said that the suspect also tried to set the body of the 57-year-old Lohia on fire. 

In August, Lohia had been appointed as the director general of prisons in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. 

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