Wednesday 8 December 2021
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Deve Gowda’s constituency rues absence of basic amenities

'Youth are getting educated from here but not getting jobs. They have to migrate to Bengaluru for jobs, where they cannot afford a living with the meagre salary. There are no industries here,' BJP candidate from Hassan constituency Pritam Gowda said

Hassan: On the face of it, many people in the district take pride in the fact that one of the former prime ministers of the country, HD Deve Gowda of JD(S), hails from this place. However, there is also unhappiness over lack of development, growing unemployment and farmers’ distress.

Their main grievance is that the district has not been developed enough like Shivamogga and despite electing a political heavyweight Deve Gowda as MP five times from Hassan, a JD(S) bastion, dominated by Vokkaliga community to which he belongs.

As the electioneering has entered the final phase for the 12 May Assembly election, voters are mulling over their choices.

In 2013, JD(S) had won five out of seven seats in Hassan district, the rest two by the INC.

“We are facing drinking water problem for the past 10 years. Because of poor rains, the groundwater level has gone down and the two borewells which 150 houses depend upon, are not working properly,” Vanjashri Gowda who stays in Sathigala area of Sakleshpur constituency said.

As a result, Gowda, who works in a coffee plantation, walks about 2 km daily to fetch drinking water from small streams that flow nearby.

“These borewells with hand pumps were installed when Deve Gowda became chief minister for the first time (in 1994). Thereafter, there has been no development,” she says and adds that even roads are equally bad here.

[pullquote]Vanjashri Gowda, who works in a coffee plantation, walks about 2 km daily to fetch drinking water from small streams that flow nearby[/pullquote]

Unemployment, crash in coffee and pepper prices, white-stem borer disease in the coffee crop, wild elephant attack on human beings among others are problems haunting people of Sakleshpura constituency, where there is a triangular fight between JD(S), Congress and BJP.

Malleshappa, who owns 15 acres of coffee plantation in Sakleshpura says, “We had high expectation from Deve Gowda. He is known as ‘mannina maga‘ (son of the soil). What has he done for poor farmers?”

“Pepper have crashed due to cheaper imports. If the situation continues, farmers will sell the agriculture land and look for jobs in cities. The price we get for the produce does not cover the cost of production,” he said.

Similarly, in the Hassan constituency, unemployment and drinking water problem have become major poll issues.

“Youth are getting educated from here but not getting jobs. They have to migrate to for jobs, where they cannot afford a living with the meagre salary. There are no industries here,” BJP from Hassan constituency Pritam Gowda said.

On the drinking water crisis, he said there is “lack of willingness” from incumbent JD(S) MLA H S Prakash to ensure people get smooth supply of water.

“Hemavathi river is just 15 kms away. They have taken water from this river to places like Tiptur, and Arsikere through Hassan. Hassan people are not getting drinking water,” he said.

The BJP candidate, who is contesting polls for the first time, said, “Deve Gowda has done good things but not good enough.”

Defending the development work undertaken by the JD(S), the party and sitting MLA H S Prakash blamed both UPA and NDA government for not releasing for addressing the drinking water problem.

“Now, Rs 117 crore has been sanctioned under the clean water programme ‘Amruta’. Pipelines have been laid till Hassan. If the work gets completed in the next six months, there will be water supply for 24X7,” he said.

Prakash further said that the JD(S) supremo was prime minister for 11 months and as chief minister of the state for 16 months. “He has done enough work. People feel that development can happen only under JD(S).


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