Friday 27 May 2022
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Deoghar survivor says urinated in bottle to drink when running out of water

Seventy people got stuck on Jharkhand’s highest ropeway in Trikut, Deoghar, at 5 PM on 10 April after two of the cable cars collided, halting the rescue efforts

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Survivor Vinay Kumar Das, who was stuck in a trolley with six other family members in Deoghar, Jharkhand, told reporters today, “When we were stuck up, we urinated in a bottle to drink it in case we didn’t get water for some more time.” The operation ended about 45 hours after the Deoghar ropeway accident in Jharkhand, with yet another tragedy by way of a falling down from a helicopter on Tuesday.

The accident happened due to the breaking of a rope during the rescue. The has died.

Today, Garud commandos along with Air Force, ITBP and NDRF rescued 15 people. Three people have died in the ropeway accident.

Indian Army’s MI-17 helicopters were flying at an altitude of 2000 feet. Owing to the increase in air pressure, it was difficult to evacuate people.

A survivor from District Madhubani of Bihar, trapped in the ropeway trolley, said, “When we were trapped, it seemed like we would lose our lives, but the team saved us”.

During the rescue, a child said, “We had a lot of fun, when the rope was pulled up, we liked it very much.”

A girl trapped in the trolley, another survivor, said, “I was scared when the trolley was moving, otherwise there was no fear, we all starved the whole night, ate something and drank water at 11:30 am on Tuesday.” She added, “It felt good when we were being lowered, but when the rope stopped in the middle, it seemed that we would fall”.

As many as 70 people got stuck on Jharkhand’s highest ropeway in Trikut, Deoghar, at 5 PM on 10 April after two of the cable cars collided, resulting in a complete halt in operations.

Three people died after the ropeway’s operations were stopped on Sunday. Among them was a man from West Bengal who fell to his death while he was being rescued by a helicopter.

Rescuers were sending food and water to the stranded people using drones. The operation had to be stopped at night yesterday.

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