Wednesday 8 February 2023
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PoliticsIndiaDengue strikes early in Delhi

Dengue strikes early in Delhi

New Delhi: It is January, but at least three people have already been diagnosed with in the national capital, the first reported cases this year.

Cases of vector-borne diseases are usually reported between mid-July and November-end, but this period may stretch up to mid-December.

“Three cases of have been reported till 20 January. However, no cases of malaria or chikungunya have been reported,” according to a municipal report released today.

There were no cases of any vector-borne till 13 January.

At least 10 people died in Delhi due to last year, according to the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), which tabulates the for the entire city.

The vector-borne had affected 9,271 people here in 2017.

Five of the 10 victims were not Delhi residents but had died in the national capital.

The official maintained by the Delhi municipal authorities till 26 December stood at four, even though some hospitals had reported a few more deaths due to dengue.

The mosquito-borne tropical had claimed its first victim in the city last year on 1 August, when a 12-year-old boy died of shock syndromes at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH).

Three more deaths were reported in October by the SDMC.

The numbers of malaria and chikungunya cases recorded in 2017 stood at 1,142 and 940 respectively.

Of the 9,271 cases, 4,726 patients were from Delhi, while 4,545 had come to the city from other states for treatment, according to the SDMC’s last report.

In 2016, at least 21 dengue deaths were reported from various city hospitals, including nine at the AIIMS, though the official figure of the civic bodies was 10.

Seventeen deaths, suspected to be due to malaria, were also reported by the civic bodies in 2016. At least 15 fatalities were also reported from various city hospitals due to complications triggered by chikungunya, though the civic authorities had kept the death tally, due to it, at zero.


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