Saturday 28 January 2023
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PoliticsWorldDemocrat US government invests unprecedented amount in war machinery

Democrat US government invests unprecedented amount in war machinery

Defying this warring tendency of Democrat governments in the US, mainstream American media as well as Hollywood credits governments of the leftist party for de-escalation in all wars

While American leftists have assiduaously built an impression worldwide that Republicans and war-mongers and Democrat regimes strive for peace, US President Joe Biden is splashing $ 2 billion on an interceptor aimed at ICBMs from Iran and North Korea and $ 5 billion on a warning system.

The Democrat administration has additionally decided in favour of a $ 1 trillion federal cut over 10 years as President Biden unveiled his monster 2023 federal budget. Here are some highlights:

◾️$ 31 billion new spending, including $ 6.9 billion to Nato, EU, Ukraine and anti-Russian aggression, to take overall defence bill to over $ 813 billion
◾️$ 32 billion on domestic crime – $ 20.6 billion to Justice Department, $ 3.2 billion to state and federal law enforcement
◾️Corporate tax rate hike from 21% to 28%, and new 20% minimum rate for top 0.01% of earners and households worth over $ 100 million

The Democrat government’s $ 5.8-trillion budget plan for 2023 includes an increase in defence spending amid rising global tension over the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The proposed budget sets aside around $ 813 billion — a 4% from the $ 782 billion allocated last year — for defence spending. Out of the total figure, around $ 773 billion will go directly to the Pentagon for new military equipment, countering global threats, modernising nuclear forces and improving cybersecurity.

The proposed spending includes $ 130.1 billion for research and development into hypersonics and artificial intelligence.

“I am calling for one of the largest investments in our national security in history, with the funds needed to ensure that our military remains the best-prepared, best-trained, best-equipped military in the world,” Biden said in a statement today.

Under the ’s blueprint, defence spending is projected to grow from $ 813 billion in fiscal 2023 to $ 843 billion in fiscal 2024.

The Democrat president has also proposed to spend another $ 6.9 billion to help Ukraine fend off Russia’s invasion and support Nato member countries to “enhance the capabilities and readiness of US forces, Nato allies, and regional partners in the face of Russian aggression”.

The proposal also allocates $ 1 billion for the departments of defense and state as well as USAID “to counter Russian malign influence and to meet emerging needs related to security, energy, cyber security issues, disinformation, macroeconomic stabilisation, and civil society resilience”.

“The budget I am releasing today sends a clear message that we value fiscal responsibility, safety and security at home and around the world, and the investments needed to continue our equitable growth and build a better America,” Biden said.

The Democrat budget plan also calls for higher taxes on the wealthy, lower federal deficits, more money for police and greater funding for education, public health and housing. In essence, it tries to tell voters what a diverse and at times fractured Democratic party stands for.

The Democrat budget is otherwise leftist

Besides defence, $ 915 billion has been set aside for domestic programmes, and the remaining balance would go to mandatory spending such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and net interest on the national debt.

The higher taxes would raise $ 361 billion in revenue over 10 years and apply to the top 0.01% of households. The proposal lists another $ 1.4 trillion in revenue raised over the next decade through other tax changes.

The 156-page plan also shows the splinters that persist in Biden’s coalition and the possible gaps between the promises of what is being offered and the realities of what ultimately emerges. The proposal includes a minimum 20% tax on the incomes of households worth $100 million or more, similar to a proposal Democrats in Congress began debating late last year.

With a high degree of uncertainty based on forecasts made last November, the budget assumes that inflation at a 40-year peak gets back to normal next year.

The Biden also budget foresees cutting annual deficits by more than $ 1 trillion over the next decade. Those reductions would occur in large part through higher taxes and the expiration of relief spending tied to the coronavirus outbreak that began in 2020.

Editor’s note: Defying this warring tendency of Democrat governments in the US, mainstream American media as well as Hollywood credits governments of the leftist party for de-escalation in all wars from Vietnam to Afghanistan. Richard Nixon had announced the gradual withdrawal of US troops from Southeast Asia as the South Vietnamese became more able to defend themselves, but John Kennedy, who could hardly serve his term as the president and who also invested more troops and money in the Vietnam war, is praised for ending the meaningless war. The recent withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan has happened following a pact of the Islamist group with the Donald Trump administration, but the US media credits Biden for the ‘feat’ of making American soldiers flee the battlefield, leaving behind a mess.

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