Monday 17 January 2022
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Demand for pushing I-T return deadline rises as portal continues to malfunction

With the due date for filing the Income Tax Return (ITR) for the financial year 2020-21 (AY21-22) nearing, many taxpayers and their chartered accountants complained of problems with the portal and raised the demand for pushing back the last date for filing the returns.

The due date for filing the for AY21-22 is 31 December. The union government had extended the ITR filing due date to 31 December from 31 July earlier in the year.

However, taxpayers raised the demand for a further extension of the due date as they complained that the tax filing portal was hanging repeatedly.

Yesterday, #Extend_Due_Date_Immediately started trending on Twitter India as many users urged the government to extend the due date by a few days.

“Is 31st December an extended due date for Software Developer or Taxpayer as Taxpayer has got much lesser time than the one prescribed..Therefore the message should be ’31st December is the extended due date for Developer but not Taxpayer’,” a Twitter user wrote.

“Thank you @Infosys and @IncomeTaxIndia for such a wonderful portal, new errors and new glitches every day,” a Twitter user wrote.

Meanwhile, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (“income tax department” in popular parlance) stated that a total of 4,67,45,249 ITRs were filed up to 27 December.

“Sharing the statistics of Income Tax Returns filed till 27.12.2021. A total of 4,67,45,249 #ITRs have been filed upto 27.12.2021 including 15,49,831 #ITRs filed on the day itself. For any assistance, pl connect on We will be glad to assist,” a tweet from the handle of the department read.

What if you miss the deadline?

Taxpayers who have missed the due date can still file their by the last date or the final deadline. While 31 December is the due date for filing ITR for FY2020-21, the last date for the same is 31 March.

However, they will not be able to carry forward any losses for the current year and cannot be set off against the current year’s income.

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